The Great Stale Mate know as the US Military…

I have run across a lot of people through out my career that have hit there “BOILING POINT” or there “FUCK IT” point. The US Military is good for that. “hurry up and wait” SOF is not immune from all of it. Waived off Jumps because we waited to long and the winds picked up, training evolutions paused at camp rudder because lightning strikes are too close. etc. I have run across a few stories where the people them selves are going to guest blog with me. These people took a down grade of rank and position for the betterment of the military. 

One gentleman is Former Army Captain Now SGT Pokorny, formerly CPT Pokorny, was an infantry officer.

Ive also been following the story of an officer who essentially resigned her commission to get to where she wants to be, her IG handle is Fionaheloise. She commissioned to be a Military Police, LT FioanaHeloise had to resign her commission to become a Warrant Officer so that she could fulfill her dream of doing the investigative work.

Brandon Webb, Chris Osman takes on “Red Circle”,”Among Hero’s”, and the rest of stolen valor.

Chris Osman is an amazing designer, he does some awesome work with motorcycle’s, easily accessible bags, and other as sundries, by the way he was apart of Naval Special Warfare. Essentially he is a SEAL. (ret)

IG: _chris_osman_designs

He has been taking to Instagram to call out people who are “Stealing Valor” Im going to piss off a few people here but its not hard to steal valor or as the new term comes “borrow valor” -coined by Havock Journal. Combat it is real real easy to have fish tails especially when it comes to the early days before we all had camera’s/helmet cams/ etc. It is when you refuse to come back to center, you refuse to say eh it docent matter how many fish we caught as long as we left better people”

Brandon Webb that he never fired a shot in anger in the war on terror, he hid behind the same award that was issued to the entire platoon. Those awards and commendations are considered “unit” citations. For those who are unaware, there are “Unit” Citations within the awards and commendations and there are personal awards/citations. Chris has pointed out that his “combat experience” and the basis is based SOLELY on a unit citation. As Chris says “Essentially every single person in the platoon got this citation” This is essentially a same citation that could be earned by a Seabee in Afghanistan. It does not insinuate combat. You call it implied valor, or even borrowed valor.

This is all stemming from a the release of his new book “Among Hero’s” that oddly enough was released on Memorial Day Weekend. The book recalls a close friendship with eight service members who later went on and were killed in battle. It seemed like a good idea at the time, however; at time of print brandon has made zero mention of proceeds going to them. Making you believe that he is going to profit off the loss of SOF widows grief. Anonymous calls were made to various stops of the book signings that heading warning that trouble was brewing, these warnings were not headed and not trouble has come: Hello Trouble…

Green Team…

Any group that joins JSOC is forged in through the hell that is Green Platoon/Green Team. you work your arse off just to get in. It depends on what branch and what group your trying out for. I have found through out my career going through “Two Pipelines” you would think one was enough punishment, but the second was the one I retired from and it was the most rewarding by far.

Going through Green Platoon for the 160th was by far my favorite assignment. You spend six weeks of hell although there is hell and there is purgatory. I had already been through Ranger school (not the 75th ranger regiment) all those guys who say your not a ranger because you did not belong to the 75th relax I went for a leadership school. However I did go all the way through with no recycles. Suck it Batt Boys! Im kidding… Compared to Ranger School Green Platoon was difficult but I had developed a mantra, “as long as you made it through today you can make it through tomorrow” “You made it did everything they wanted today, you can do it all again” and my personal favorite “Your not a quitter, you’ve never quit anything since a mile long swim when you were 14 don’t start now, quiting is embarrassing”

I swam the required 500m swim on the first day. My dad watched me swim, I had never swam that far before, I don’t remember saying this, but my dad said you looked at me tired and worn saying “I was going to finish or they were going to pull me from the bottom”. I worked up to my mile swim on the last day. and the day before I had the devilish “cross chest carry” that as I started working as a lifeguard, getting more and more certifications the BSA was the only one that taught it the, American Red Cross, YMCA deemed it unsafe and better the patient go under than rescuer and the swimmer. I guess better one than drown than two, but I suppose if it is your loved one it is not to risky. Any of us that have had any kind of dive training swim training etc. know what the panicked mind can do, however; look at the Coastguard…. they don’t quit. Neither do I. If I can rescue I guy who outweighed me by over 100lbs had ten years on me and almost a foot and swim him 25m just about anyone can. He did not want me to get my lifeguard. He was going to drown me, I say to you Mike… you made a man out of me at 14. thanks for that!

Ridiculous movies with asinine martial arts…

Im here to tell you that shit exists. It is frightening when it is you against more than three or more other people.

However; the military has developed SOCP, which has turned into a conglomeration of multiple forms of martial arts. Take for example Chief Special Warfare Operator Byers. He was number two man through the door, in which his number one man was mortally wounded, his NVG’s were were knocked everywhere he landed on the “objective”, the individual adjacent to him. Was a hostile target after he readjusted his NVG’s and he engaged him in hand to hand combat while keeping the objective covered. On exfill with the objective secured the individual worked his life away to keep his team mate alive. It is rare that actions such as these are awarded the Medal of Honor to the nations top teams, our lives are not as valuable as others in the results military. 

Operation Redwings… Underlying Truth.

There is many decorations for the C co 75th Ranger Regiment, and I believe 3rd Special Forces Group Second Battalion (not 100% on that) Instead they spend well over hours telling an inaccurate story of how the fire fight went. How Turbine 33 was shot down, and how the LT CMDR put a gun to the pilots head to insert them after they broke apart hard. I have spoken on this many times there are three ways to take down a MH47, right up the butt and you have to hit the engine. Otherwise they are pretty much RPG proof. I have watched an MH47 take one to the rotor and the rotor said essentially  “get that shit out of here” Ive watched them bounce off the side those things are tough as nails! In Turbine 32 they aborted there initial infill and the tail chief SSG GO@$@#$URSELF was looking on the thermal and NVG to find a place to infill. The Seals decided they did not want to do 90 ft fast ropes on the back side of the mountain. (should of put that in the movie) 

There is no doubt that all of the units and all of individuals worked there asses off to help him. To make it a Navy only thing makes it about a 20/30% accurate film. None the less the man went through hell. Another individual who went through hell is Mohammad Gulab, especially because he put his life, and his village on the line and they have paid the price for it. Lutrell has gone from a medically retired veteran, to an individual who has a net worth of $1.5 million and climbing

Perspective… She as much as of a mistress as the mission set.

His told a story of where he received a Troops in Contact over his helmet. The weather was bad that night. He had to do a “weather let down” it was a fire fight that I was involved in. I remember it because usually when the A10 does a flyby they break contact and we can all go home.He got word that we were firing to the west and so he let his gun rip for longer than usual. He said the fire out of his guns blinded his NVG’s and he had to pull a high G turn to miss colliding into the mountain, and back into the weather, he said he head the worst thing an A10 pilot could hear… Silence.

A10 pilot then he was an LTC and he brought up the convoy attack where Jessica Lynch was captured and and AH64 went down. He ran it up the flag pole to go get the Pilots. We got hung up with the riot caused by Al Assad. We could see a mass of Jets, PAVEHAWKS, it looked nearly like an airshow. We checked in over the radio and got no answer back. For all of y’all that have been to Iraq what seems a hill 5 min later your still climbing. We stopped because no one answered. What we saw was quite the air show. Come to find out they were mounting a rescue of the Apache pilot’s. If we could of had line of sight, they would of had a few heavily armed gun trucks and a two squads of SMU soldiers. The commander said abort, and just like that they were gone. The Apache pilot’s were captured. The speaker said there is a fate worse than dying. 

     If they knew we were there would it of changed his mind. He said he would of lost more people trying to save two than trying to get to them. Maybe thats the Air Force’s Policy. We were coming in from the back side. they would of not expected us to be there. they always say hind site is 20/20 but I hate that statement. I prefer perspective