The War is Never Over Is It Another Vietnam? Our Fathers think so… We Wont Stop fighting!

My buddy rides the Instagram handle TheGlobeMaster, he is currently deployed and we got a chance to FaceTime this week. Much needed, with a heart wrenching story.

Sadly We lost a SOF soldier this week and a Marine on 20 March 2016. An Air Force airmen passed on the 23rd.

This story is in regards to SFC Boniface, of 7th SFG. His brother in arms was boarding the C-17 to take him home, not thinking about his left leg that was no longer there he was holding his fallen brothers folded flag. The aircraft was covered in dust from landing on a dirt runway, and the prevailing winds. He looked for a place to sit his brothers flag.

No white light at the end of the tunnel, no anything. Maybe I’m not going there… Or maybe I am

War is a hell of a thing, especially in today’s environment.

A group wearing insurgent clothing will toss off those clothes and wear the local national’s clothes and tell the patrol’s etc. that “OOO we love AMERICA! AMERICA Number 1! After the groups past, and searched around. The local nationals putter insurgent gear back and bam the insurgent goes back to what there were doing…

The more I think about it most of the AQB just want the country back the way it was, with out the terrorist camps. Their G code runs deep.

That is the beautiful thing about being in America is we don’t have to worry about these issues! People say we have it rough but 1st world problems, THOSE are not really problems.We simply need to stop signing away our privacy and rights with waivers with out looking at them under the “guise” of oh this is standard paperwork. For who? A job application at the agency?

These Guys are simply self radicalized idiots that have less brain capacity to think pass the end of there nose. pledging your self to the to a group and usually groups in the name of ALLAH by committing ignorant acts of violence that does not get you Jannah it gets you the opposite… You might at well be buried next to a pig or eat pork (probably having it in there stomach contents because they stopped at the hotdog vendor before they committed there act).

2) As I have already discussed with my wife, it is me or the other side, I will not choose to sit there idle while others that do not have my knowledge are killed. Especially the likely situation the kiddos are with me.

ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. You better be sure what you think is on the other side is worth dying for. I know I am ready.

Of all the bodies I have felt with not a single one in wartime I saw peace in…

If your the strongest member on your team your team sucks…

The title of this post rings true in life, if you think your the strongest member of your team, you are…
You may be strong in one area while the other may be strong in another, if you think you have it all figured out? Im sorry to tell you that will all change when someone takes what is yours. You have sickness strike your family and there is nothing you can do but hope you have the right doctors, did you prepare for it? When your kid runs after what he thought was his uncle but ended up being a complete stranger and you end up testing your cardio to go retrieve him because he can’t hear you? Are you in shape for that?

… wifi craps out and you HAVE to do some online course work tomorrow, can you fix that? Life is not black in white, its not even 50 shades of gray…

I am working feverishly to level my self to my significant others next level of education before my duder knows there was a difference but having to take care of both of them makes it stupid hard. Through in some other ridiculous medical factors it just became harder. I wanted it done before he was old enough to know the difference. Now that is not a reality he will just see that Dad got a little banged up from the GWOT and got a later start than most, I got it done.a reality he will just see that Dad got a little banged up from the GWOT and got a later start than most, I got it done. Especially when my training pipeline was lengthy and extraordinarily painful.

will show him the value of hard work. The Value of INDOCTRINATION.

That is all life is truly about, thats all dating is about, thats all marriage is about, thats all having kids and raising them is about. Is indoctrination to the way that you do things, and the way that you live life. If you can get along together then boom that dating situation is off to a good start, on to marriage, and so on and so on

The remora fish, is the fish that attaches its self to other larger fish and sometimes scuba divers (watch out my homies in combat dive school) the live off of and breed off of its “host” ingesting food, epidermal tissue, they usually attach them selves to sharks, manta ray, and Sea turtles for protection. DO NOT GET A REMORA.

Twice in one year a Tier one medic has Failed at his own trade…

You nod, and then you suddenly freeze as it returns. It is unmistakable, Helicopters. Long before they are upon you, which will happen very swiftly now you see them in your minds eye. There black bodies gleam underneath, their engines thunder sharp blades dicing the clouds to ribbons. Behind there soulless eyes you can see there pilots , there hard set jaws like centurion helmets and there glowing tubes of there mechanical eyes. From the gills of those charging sharks, charcoal gun barrels, bristle. From there open You can barely breathe now. Nothing you do will deter them will matter. They will come, you can flee, they will find you. They own the night.

-CWO4 Michael J Durant

The Boxes You Check in Life, The Ones You Never Thought Possible…

In life your sitting there, the “bucket list” has become popular since the movie broke out. You get to some of them and sadly you die trying to get to some of them.

Ever been aboard a four ship of MH6’s landed on moving submarine and taken few of the over officer quarters’s for a few days then the submarine surfaced and we re-boarded some choppers in two different groups and with two different birds and headed out for some recon locations. It was a prob one of the closest local recon’s I had ever been on… One of the closest ones I had been on that we had to move too because the birds would dump us and we would have to “acquire” a lowvis vehicle and then move closer. Some of the most intense thoughts bouncing through my heads…

We acquired the local national vehicle ditched our sterile uniforms uniforms, changing into street clothes. This was going to prove to be one of speed take down with out birds I’ve seen a ten day movement with out anyone knowing we were there… The kicker, WE HAD TO RENT A ROOM. I got the privilege of going along for two reasons, 1) Preventative medicine, 2) If things went sideways (well why is any medic is at any combat situation?) I was a junior medic, with the success of this op ridding putting me on the “Senior Medic” list in our house, add that to that mission.

Our mission was close, intense, to be honest a bit F@$%&! scary… I know there are a lot of TOUGH GUYS out there who would say that, your a PSSY, you can’t handle it, you should never be scared. I say anyone who says that is not scared in battle, anyone who is not who is not a little but puckered up in a TIC is lying to you. Or they are RAMBO, anyone is assigned a uniform, a firearm, and goes a battle and takes fire gets that pucker factor. (although this mission was not a battle, Initially, it was a recon, observe, report, landscape and send up.. If things when colossally sideways we overcame the odd’s to become successful and you can put it in the win column.

Ever Watch a Murder Mystery or Some BS Show and Then, see the diagram of Shots Fired.

Inches separate success and failure. Inches success and death.

Hanging on the other side of an MH6 while the shooters are doing work in a take down an HVT. All of a sudden you get tilted to the side, the axis tilts to the side, I thought we were peeling off, NOPE, we were just getting the skid lined up with the mirror of the HVT’s rearview mirror. off it comes at 100+ knots. (If it were me I refer you to my board discussion and would jam on my brakes) however; there were four hitters on the helo right behind them alternating sides of who was going to get a piece first but also I think the skid could hit and could do around. If that did not work the shooter put four rounds in the wind shield “warning shots”

Have you ever look at a shoot out? When you look at the line drawing or line out, and they show every bullet fired, impressive isn’t it? Gang bangers shooting each other, imagine when they are shooting sideways and shooting at a target knowing nothing of what that they are doing. There are lines all over the place of bullet path ways, I think of battles Ive been and there is always “chalk talk” or whatever the catch phrase is…. however; if it were possible to put lines on every bullet fired

This is applicable to all aspects of life, since the majority of my blog posts are about family, and raising the little ones… How many times have you watched kid A) fall and miss a brick fireplace and going into “OH S&#@! that was close!” A matter of inches would you say? I have heard an eruption of cries of duder where and my MIL running up the stairs telling us he needed us.

SOOO, You, Want to be Special Operations???? She is a Mistress…

I found a girl, her husband who was out on a naval vessel.

“Special Forces is a Mistress”.

Your wives will envy her because she will have your hearts. Your wives will be jealous of her because of the power to pull you away. This mistress will show you things never before seen and experience things never before felt. She will love you, but only a little, seducing you to want more, give more, die for her. She will take you away from the ones you love, and you will hate her for it, but leave her you never will, but if you must, you will miss her, for she has a part of you that will never be returned intact.

And in the end, she will leave you for a younger man.”

James R. Ward, OSS