Perspective… She as much as of a mistress as the mission set.

His told a story of where he received a Troops in Contact over his helmet. The weather was bad that night. He had to do a “weather let down” it was a fire fight that I was involved in. I remember it because usually when the A10 does a flyby they break contact and we can all go home.He got word that we were firing to the west and so he let his gun rip for longer than usual. He said the fire out of his guns blinded his NVG’s and he had to pull a high G turn to miss colliding into the mountain, and back into the weather, he said he head the worst thing an A10 pilot could hear… Silence.

A10 pilot then he was an LTC and he brought up the convoy attack where Jessica Lynch was captured and and AH64 went down. He ran it up the flag pole to go get the Pilots. We got hung up with the riot caused by Al Assad. We could see a mass of Jets, PAVEHAWKS, it looked nearly like an airshow. We checked in over the radio and got no answer back. For all of y’all that have been to Iraq what seems a hill 5 min later your still climbing. We stopped because no one answered. What we saw was quite the air show. Come to find out they were mounting a rescue of the Apache pilot’s. If we could of had line of sight, they would of had a few heavily armed gun trucks and a two squads of SMU soldiers. The commander said abort, and just like that they were gone. The Apache pilot’s were captured. The speaker said there is a fate worse than dying. 

     If they knew we were there would it of changed his mind. He said he would of lost more people trying to save two than trying to get to them. Maybe thats the Air Force’s Policy. We were coming in from the back side. they would of not expected us to be there. they always say hind site is 20/20 but I hate that statement. I prefer perspective

Things caught in a photograph….

Camera’s the great debate these days, Im not talking about body camera’s on an officer. Although they fit the bill in the broad spectrum of some of the bodies within the paragraphs. The images they capture images and show what is going on during a certain situation, lately this can either give an individual his freedom or condemn them within the press, causing him to fight for his good name back. As Sheriff Clarke stated early on in these incidents, “when an officer is exonerated, how do you put that toothpaste back in the tube”. This gives an interesting pause because while I started a career where camera’s were bulky and heavy. Now we have commanders flying over head watching what we do, and our phones take photos that our twelve megabit photos and they have them on them generally all the time

When you look at a photo all you see is whats in it. The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is an accurate statement. Can the picture tell you anything about the atmosphere of the photo, say for instance its a picture of two kids smiling big, but in the back ground the father and the mother are fighting like cats and dogs, slamming doors, throwing things, and the picture taker is the uncle and said ill give you ice cream if you smile! and the picture turned out ADORABLE so it goes up on Instagram, everyone in that individuals social group thinks man everything must be great in there world

This is a strongly divide topic so I will tread lightly as possible. The things the SIGNET (Signal Intelligence) guys showed me is that people who put there kids out on Facebook one, can delete the pic but Facebook “catalogs” it as part of its facial recognition software and two Its crazy for me have Facebook use its facial recognition software algorithm and “cataloged” photos to link my child and or automatically want to tag them in a photo that some guy took of the family rooting for a friends in the stands at the local soccer tournament. (smaller crowed more likely hood of it picking your child out) of a complete strangers profile. I am a USASOC guy through and through was lucky enough to get there quickly in my career, I scan crowd A LOT, and if I see someone with a cellphone I almost always take my hat off and throw it over my duder’s face or my hand anything I can to obscure his facial features enough.

Not to get statistical but ever since the birth of the internet, sexual crimes against kids, sexual predatory crimes against minors, and the worst of all HUMAN TRAFFICKING has gone up by nearly a MILLION PERCENT! Ill wait while you check my facts. Human Trafficking had existed before the internet however its shape and scope was not to the intensity it is now. It was truly to move people, across borders, out of Cuba, escaping countries etc. I thank my SIGNET buddy, “Bret” or helping me with all that info. It was not to long ago that everyone thought I was crazy for having a no kids on FB rule… now people are starting to understand. It has gone up enough that ARSOF/USASOC has gotten involved to break these rings up. The military divides boundaries and jurisdictional issues as long as it is deemed an executive order. Otherwise known as a “war on” Militaries can bridge the gap where PD/Sheriff’s ICE FEDS and all others in other countries fall short. I implore you to look into a movie called the Abolitionist.

Worsening it all making it sad is the, part of all the photos out there these days is that people steal them. I read a blogger who had gotten really famous, if you will and she found out someone was stealing photos of her kids because they were so photogenic. Why steal photos of kids, in the military woman/girlfriends will buy pregnant women’s positive pregnancy tests and sonogram pics. to entrap there assumed boy friends. People are CRAZY. The aforementioned blogger did not start ruining her photos with Picture tags, with layovers, she just simply took pics with her kids not looking directly at the camera. Its a great Idea if you want to post photos of your kiddos.

It’s been a rough week…

President Trump is a busy man, Retired General Mattis (Secretary Of Defense, just feels weird saying it that way) has just been “handling it” depending on how you look at it Mad Dog has lived up to the title we had back in the early days “secretary of war”. With war comes casualties. With war comes casualties, my father an officer in Vietnam told me about the acceptable loss rate is twenty percent. The brain trust at the pentagon takes your mission and force size, as long as you do not loose more than twenty percent. I never believed it until a friend of mine in my unit who went on to work for the agency and higher things, taught me to question everything. Having an acceptable loss rate, as a medic, when they preach no man left behind. Seems a bit Oxymoronic does it not?

Twenty eight April we lost two Rangers from the Seventy Fifth Ranger Regiment and another was wounded. The two Rangers were killed Sgt. Cameron H. Thomas, 23, of Kettering, Sgt. Joshua P. Rodgers, 22.

Two days later just outside Mosul Iraq, 1st Lt. Weston C. Lee, 25 he was assigned to 1st Battalion, 325th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Then out of left field news broke of a sailor died in Somalia, at first I thought it was a misrepresented article. Then it made sense, we found the head of the piracy and we went in to cut the head of the piracy operation. They have cost multi millions approaching a billions for companies to negotiate for human life

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Kyle Milliken, 38, was killed during an operation against al-Shabaab on May 5 in a remote area approximately 40 miles west of Mogadishu. Chief Milliken was the first casualty since 1993 and the battle “Gothic Serpent”

R.E.D Friday…

The term remember everyone deployed… Every single Friday, there is a social media push to wear red, hashtag #redfriday, make it red and make it on Friday.

The cause is to say, while we are going damn our week SUCKED, we should take a moment of silent reflection, meditation, or prayer so that those that you remember those deployed to forward operating locations.

Is this the reason for R.E.D Friday? no, is complacency the origin for R.E.D Friday? Possibly… As long as we have troops forward operating they need to remember them. At any moment they could become victim of attack and the first to defend you, me, and the ones we love from war. They rose their right hand and took the oath of enlistment to defend against all enemies foreign or domestic. I remember the time I faced down and enemy with a loaded gun… all I could think about was not R.E.D Friday.

For those of you who wear red every Friday, take a moment at lunch or before you clock out at the end of the day to remember those deployed. To those of you who take a moment for silent/verbal prayer, meditation. For those that hit the bar and the first shot sits there all night in remembrance of those who came before and those who will fall afterwards. To those who teach there children what R.E.D Friday is. Lastly to those who are simply “virtue signaling” by commenting in someones pictures to say hey, don’t forget about me today. Three thousand plus people die on 9/11 and the six thousand that were wounded, and now the countless people that are now suffering from the effects of being in the area. don’t forget about them, ever.

Jus Ad Bellum, Jus In Bello…

Jus Ad Bellum, refers to the “laws of war” set forth by by UN. Which America follows DILLIGENTLY, “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations.

Jus In Bello, Once a war has begun, it is the rules set forth by the UN on how we conduct our self. I.E Sarin Gas, or “Nerve Agent” is against the rules. Seems a little silly that we we have “rules” but when you look at it we do not just have the UN rules, we have the NATO rules, and the Geneva convention rules. Broken down, not every one has to follow the rules, however; failure to follow these rules comes with strict sanctions by the world in the means of OIL, COAL, etc.

67 years 7 months and 24 days… Why is this important? That is the exact amount of time between 2 September and 1945 – 26 April 2013 that is (24,708) 26 April 2013 was the establishment of the “Caliphate” (Isis doctrine) this is just short of the human life span by 3 years. We have become complacent as a human race

Does this not sound like parenting?

New Tactics, New Gear, Same Old Enemy…

Our training is the best in the world both in aviation, ground troops, and ability to inter mix the two forces together. We deploy on an exhausting pace, that wreaks havoc on marriages children’s lives etc. and they only what to make SOF bigger?!? What gives there? The standard to meet the requirement or the amount of soldiers being placed under a stop loss.

The grinder 13 month and longer deployment… The words “your getting extended” at a high rate, are just punishing words for morale.

Much like parenting. Parenting has come a long way, but has also set its self back a long way. We have kids who have ZERO personality but can code operating systems on a computer. It is easy to pull out your phone and hand it to your kid at the dinner table so you and your wife, husband, brother, brother, sister whoever to just shut the child up.

You can tell a lot about a person by the look in there eyes… Mine are Dark, they may for the lives I have taken. I hope its for the lives I could not save.

Trauma: a life may leave this earth and before the floor is dry another one may enter. May it be the sudden death of an individual, or the sudden birth of triplets in you and your partners arms. It is all considered Trauma.

I’ve sutured up kids as a part of the suture team of a pediatric hospital. I dealt with more I trauma from parents then most kids. Kids are tough when the pain is real.

It’s Trauma, it’s not only traumatic for the individual but for the ones around the individual. Trauma does not just sit within the bounds of accidents, blood, guts, It can lie within the bounds of tumors, long battles with cancer and eventual death thereof.