Sadly I’m at the extreme end of GEN Y, I spent the formative years of my adult life in this never-ending cycle we have engaged in. “The War On Terror” Dont thank me for my service. I loved every second of it. I was fortunate enough to spend 99% of my career as part of the gentleman who were the most disputatious men on earth,  “Sine Pari”, “Without Equal” they could show up at your house in the local dress take you from it, in perfect local dialect, and take off in low vis vehicles while the family think the individual was being arrested. (I was the most proud of that op)

These men on earth they were also the finest and expect all outcomes. Please don’t thank me, for my service, thank the families of those who have not or will not return.

At the heart of it, I am a dad that loves taking care of his kids, thats it. At the point of it, I get to stay home and play with them, among other commitments. This is the story of one Military or Veteran’s parenting perspective. With a few war stories thrown in…