A Veteran Dad, A man who did a few things for the country, and now gives it all for his kids.

I’m unconventional dad in an unconventional world. Stay at home dads have becoming a thing for awhile, however, Veteran Stay at home dad’s. Im not sure the world is ready for that. I am thankful, to be able to do things at home and raise my monkeys. I can be in the shitiest mood and hear “thanks dad” because I did two min of something that did not require a lot of work it makes it all worth it. Being the first thing out of my kids mouth in the morning and last thing out of the mouth when they go to bed life simply melts away.

I simply hope I don’t mess it up. while you can screw up in surgery, in battle, and on a date. You can not screw up raising your littlest. I will not be a person they talk about later in life that the complain about because “I Ruined them”.