PTSD, Musch Like Obesity, does not define you…

Sadly Im going to share with you something embarrassing. None-the-less Digress.

For some reason the Pill pushing VA gave me unavoidable situation. I went for a run the night before with my son and I felt my balance off; however, I wrote it of because I was not wearing my knee brace. (I destroyed my right knee) Sadly I knew It was not in my knew it was in my Neurocellular house had collapsed.

IT was a word we used often in the ER but not often used to used a describe of my stature. “Poly-Pharmacy” you can take it two ways; one) an overdose or accidental overdose, thankfully not the case. I had an interaction from medications, as I have epilepsy I am sadly on multiple psychotropic drugs. Combine all those drugs and boom Im flat on my face with EMS, hitting me with NARCAN, ROMAZACON, and ultimately two failed intubation attempts causing epiglottal swelling and I would of required fiber optic intimation or something other than “Traumatic” Intubation. They even go a Buji down… Ill get to to that in a second.

Because of the nature of he call I had to to have a Tele-psych conference with a doctor, he decided that I suffered from PTSD because the ARMY DEEMED me as a PTSD patient as i only exhibited. One of the three pillars of the entire conversation, bad dreams, she believed I suffered from Hyper Vigilance because I care for an IFAK. I prepare for war but pray for peace, whilst I still match the pillars of PTSD an find my self stuck in electronic purgatory things that that simply aren’t true. I was Pericardial Thumped. Despite it because being contraindicated in patients with pacemakers. The damage to the heart, sternum and because I’ve lost so much weight my pocket is so tight, The PA who hand wrote one a progress note failed to put my table on it. Those who know EMR sometimes it stays in charting purgatory for every.

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