Guilty till proven innocent? or is it Innocent till proven Guilty?

Lets dive in to this topic shall we? I’m not just talking about criminal proceedings, I am speaking in all proceedings.

Someone drops a flash drive in a bank parking lot. BOOOM STICK lets dial up the Donald Your fired. What happened to due process? What happened to honest mistakes? I know someone who carries a CASE of WATER into WORK. Thats a hefty bag every month or so, she could in theory take an entire computer out with her. Get an IT geek to unlock it with their work credentials and now there son has a fresh to death new lap to and second screen.

It is technically against work policy to be able to print at home, something that this individual fought for, for years, the other individual needs it a lot more because his group does Auditing (both sets of people work from home) Several Days a week because they ran out of desk space. It is very hard to Audit on a computer, I often think I have my blogs in tip top shape and then I re-read them for the fifth or sixth time and all of a sudden I can not believe the crap I let sit up there for hours. Lets get back to the topic at hand.

VP Pence Walked out of the Colts Vs Forty Niners Game because, twenty four of the niners players kneeled durning the national anthem. People are saying oh this is a huge publicity stunt, this cost tax payers millions, lets pump the brakes on that. Lets Presume innocence. 1) VP Pence and Mrs. Pence were invited by the owners of the Colts, his home state. So he was personal Guests to the Owner and they did not kick anyone out of there boxes or adjacent boxes. 2) Very few people even knew he was there for the game until he walked out, keeping the secret service detail to a minimum. It is often when you go in silence you go at a minimum. 3) He has held the same stance as POTUS Trump On players kneeling, sitting, staying in the locker room, etc. although. the beautiful document called the Constitution and its Amendments, along with its Bill of Rights. Grants us the Right to Freedom of speech and Freedom of expression, and the right to do this with the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty by a jury of our peers or some other means within the court system. They expressed theres by kneeling and he VP Pence by expressing his by leaving A conversation for another day.

This entire conversation started because Apple news pushed a article to my watch saying “Rapper Nelly Arrested and Charged for Rape” I said something to my significant other, and she said he was arrested not charged, read the article. Something I give her a LOT OF CRAP ABOUT. “Read past the headline.” Presumption of innocence until proven guilty, which put us on a long and winding road of how do you put the toothpaste back in the tube? I assumed Nelly was guilty because a headline, I know better than that. Although I worked in a few ER’s and Generally “Rape Kits” if signs of forceful entry are seen then DNA that obviously does not belong there will be removed for police sampling. Apparently this municipality jumped the gun and just went off a story. Bringing me back to how do we put that toothpaste back in the tube?

It seems to happen all the time to “Stars” and they seem to just shake it off. Whether you like it or not, Officer Darren Wilson was cleared of the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri, the State looked into it, the Department of Justice tried to find something that would stick. The entire time news media plastered his face all over TV’s across America people from Alegash Maine to San Diego California knew his face and that he shot an unarmed black man. As the Great Sheriff Clark Of Wisconsin said “how does Darren Wilson begin to get his life back after it was destroyed by America? Is he going to get with the feds? no they came in destroyed the man and now they have left” Innocent until Proven Guilty. Thankfully Body Cams and more and more provisions are making there way out to the streets to help protect the people and the officers.

We need to find more ways to protect the employee’s, because due process stands ZERO chance with an employee who made a “mistake” this is not the 80’s anymore this is near 2020 and surveillance will only get worse. Sadly most employers can fire any employee for any reason. The Employee can file a wrongful termination suit, but that really does not get there job back, it may in the short time, but they will be under intense scrutiny until they quit. Or they will win a law suit, gain a minuscule amount of money and then they will have that to live on and a “stigma”

In the hours to follow the Vegas shooting the shooter was confused with his father an infamous Bank Robber. Leading everyone to say he had a Criminal history, turning out he had Zero criminal history…. Innocent until proven guilty. Some how we have become ok with guilty until proven innocent,

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