Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan Bilzerian

I probably Spelled his name wrong but to be honest I don’t care, to me this guy is like a hemorrhoid;  that just won’t go away, He keeps coming back.

Let me catch you up on his latest Antics. Dakota Meyer, Medal Of Honor Winner Dakota Meyer, put him on blast as he (Dan) live streamed the entire event of the Las Vegas Shooting. Despite CCSO saying on PA systems, saying it through tweets, etc. he initially was doing what we would all do. Get off the X, run far and fast, but he HAD to be DAN and go into details about it and explain it all, how here mellon was split in two and her eye was hanging out, and how he was running to get a gun out of his truck.

Then another shot came up where he had taken a lady to the hospital and was returning to the fight! Good on you dan! How dare anyone question your motives; except you couldn’t of gotten to the level one Trauma center and back via your house (to get pants) and your credentials (to show officers that your “A Sworn Reserve Officer” whoever gave him a badge may need to be taken to the gallows) Given the official time line of events the shooting had stopped.

Lets look at the tape DAN, since you have so much of it. Your seen trying to get a rifle out of a Squad Car, your also seen asking an officer for a gun “gimme your gun gimme your gun” the officer asks for “Creds” short for credentials, and it happens to be that he flashes he wallet.

Dan trying to procure an officers side arm while his buddy films it.

I will say some wallets to have badges and I am trying to find out if he is an LEO somewhere. IT is hard to imagine, Dan Bilzerian the openly cocaine snorting, stripper throwing, legal and civil litigation Dan Bilzeran actually has more than a key to a city. I take that back. Key to his house. Which oddly enough was broken into by some extremely talented Tier 1 Operators. (nothing was taken)

Any who he goes on the record saying I just wanted a gun to shoot that “Mother Fucker” well depending on who’s account you read and what record he went on when he said it because they are all different. He is seen with a pistol, but he had pants on. In the Video while he was impending Law enforcement from doing there work he had shorts on. Implying he had not been to the hospital yet. One account he on his own Instagram he stated that “he went to the hospital first, and was going back in” on his recounting of the events he said many other versions. God bless body cameras or we would be relying on DAN’S recounting of the truth, unfortunately even hooking him up to a polygraph it can not decipher wether he is telling a one dollar lie or a one hundred dollar lie.

Back to DAN wanting to shoot the MF’r I only know of one man that has made a pistol shot that hit its intend target at over 100 Yards. I think he could do it again absolutely but he is a much better MAN than DAN, and he would not of thought about shooting because of the way the Mandalay Bay is set up the swirling wind would of had an effect on the bullet. Thats why they chose to breech the door and go in that way instead of attempting a counter sniper effort.

Dan may have a lot of guns but he has zero reality in a two way gunfight. You have to take a ton of things into account, where your target is (something that was acquired quickly. Can you make a counter attack from where you are? something we learned from the mountains of Afghanistan, fighting up hill is no easy task. You need to find a different way to come at the target, jumping in and shooting your way through your going to end up hurting more people than you save. Its easy to have a one way gun fight, when someone is shooting back it changes the ball game.

Being honest, 1) Instead of CARL Im going to start using DAN…. and 2) People are already coming up with conspiracy’s on this…. its disturbing. Its easy to pick apart one guys story. Especially when he tries to make him self out to be the hero of the day when there were so many other heroes. 3)The shooter, had his game plan set and his contingency set and the means to do it. He had Camera’s in the hall that he could see, he had modified weapons for those of you who don’t know a bump stock uses the recoil of the rifle to lurch the rifle forward chambering another round, so the shooter could essentially hold down his finger and let the rifle work for him. Its not that he was accurate, its that he put a lot of range on his intended “target” Sadly the target was a group of people full of people.

The floor of the the one and only Trauma Center.

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