Mass shootings, The Tragedy, What we should learn…

In my life I have had the unfortunate time of seeing many mass shootings, massacres, whatever title you want to dub them… While we are just watching something unfold that is one of the largest mass shootings of “modern US History”

This will absolutely ignite a discussion of what will we do with “fire arms”; he modified his own rifles to unleash automatic rifle fire and inflict massive amount of pain. While there were “Plain Clothed Officers” within the scene that called for help via radio and were ordered to identify as officers so that they were not misidentified (something learned from the DPD shooting) As a DPD officer with a long gun who was returning fire but he was thought initially to be a “second shooter” to be honest he had .223 and .308 to inflict pain. .308 is a caliber that rips through people, .223, tumbles through the body once it enters to inflict maximum internal damage. You do not need a special round, you do not need “hollow point” or “Defense, Hydro Shock” rounds a pure .223 round entering the body will tumble throughout the body destroying soft tissue.

Trying to put more of perspective on it is harder. There have been seventeen since the 1960’s three that have been individually linked to terrorism and as they were getting ready to end there own life they there ill thought out plans aside from pledging allegiance to a chicken soup of eastern terror groups, some that actually competed with each other. What causes an individual to snap? The shootings/killings and probability of ever figuring out what causes an individual to “snap” will probably never be known simply speculated. (Dead actors don’t talk) Ted Kaczynski is the forgotten mass murder and the only individual who was convicted using linguistic’s.

The problem I see with this country is that this is such a sensitive topic that we simply can’t have a civil debate over the issue or any issue. It has been this way for awhile over many issues, if you do not see things the other persons way then the debate takes a downward spiral. People sit behind there screens and say vile things they would never say to another persons face but because social media is essentially impersonal they can degrade and debase the individual so that they “win” do they win? or do they make them selves look like fools? I feel like they tend to make themselves look like fools over the issue. I can not point to a single paradigm shift in when this happened but it is disparaging that we as Americans are the greatest experiment in modern era in self rule in the rule of law. (Separate municipality rule of law) The NRA the largest lobbying group in Washington, DC, they have suspended advertising but they will start back up but lets look at the numbers.

Gun ownership is down 32%, however; the left will say we are “stockpiling” weapons and ammunition with each gun owner owning 8 or more weapons. “Who needs that many weapons?” They also “stock pile ammunition” are they stockpiling ammunition or are they keeping their proficiency current weapons. Let me break it down, take the average firearm owner, they have one or two of their favorite hand guns; they then have one or two hunting rifles depending on if they hunt multiple types of game. (number is at four) Then they have there project rifle, be it an AR-15 or an FN SCAR; a personal defense weapon conceal weapon, and a shotgun or two (12 gauge and 20 gauge for sporting) add a weapon to teach your kiddo on then you can easily get to the average number. Some people have the ATF/Federal approval often called tax stamps, and do collect fire arms but rarely are the “stockpiling firearms” the phrase is almost embarrassing. One gentleman I know has a helicopter and was an a Attack helicopter pilot, he has firearms that you can not exactly pick up it has to be mounted on the side of his helicopters and he takes people out in the desert and shoots at targets he has pre set up with his 3,000 round a min helicopter, when you shoot at 3,000 rounds a min when you have to restock the rounds for that helicopter it would appear your “stockpiling”

Anyone who has taken statistics knows they can skew them one way or the other; lets look good for us, or lets make them look bad for the individual you want to look “bad”

No doubt fifty nine deceased and five hundred wounded is horrible, but the debate will start; I simply hope Americans can be civil about it. Sadly I doubt they will.

Something you can learn to help your self: 1) Familiarize your self with the closest Level 1/2 Trauma center 2) Be trained in at least basic first aide, in the military we had to learn Combat Life Saver (at the basic troop level) it wouldn’t hurt to learn pediatric first aide and CPR-PR it goes beyond regular CPR it is CPR for the Professional Rescuer. 3) When you travel have a bag that travels with you and you are equipped to use at your skill level, and be able to familiarize your self with your surroundings. Take a few min for a few min to learn where your nearest local trauma facilities are at. 4) When your at events, be it music festivals etc. have a plan, own it. Learn the points of egress, have primary, secondary and tertiary plans.

It may sound ridiculous to plan for these things, but the so called battlefield has changed, Run Hide fight no longer works… especially 32 stories up. Simply GET OFF THE X, the X being the origination of attack.


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