Hurricane’s surviving, natural disasters.

Been a rough few weeks eh? No I’m not Canadian but you should check out my buddy Tony Aguilar who is with Woobies, Sof Jerky, Regiment Meals, and his newest partnership Tactical beaver. Actually I do have a family member who is Canadian but he played for the Detroit Redwings, good ole Number 18. The point is, Tactical Beaver Company has great products, a cool mission and a cool logo. How many times do you see a beaver wearing OPSCORE helmets (NOT TEAM WENDY).

Either way surviving natural disasters are hard, they are hard to decipher where your going to get hit, they are hard, when they pop up out of know where, but there are many things I’ve learned through my work through natural disasters to potentially help those who are out there. Lets start with story time.

During The Hurricane, A flat bottom boat holding two twin 250’s was screaming with the wind or gong with the peak of the waves…. (his wallet showed he was a crab fisherman in Alaska, ((Captains License)) Bystanders reported he started to make a 45 degree turn to the 130mph wind. When he realized he wasn’t going to miss the truck he made a quick 90 degree turn. With a 130 mph wind, and being fat bottom it skidded across the water, started to list and then airborne over the truck (with the witnesses.) the props according to the witnesses were running full spin. and the engines were hitting “rev max” (Im not a boater, terms don’t mean much to me. I do know a flat bottom boat holding twin 250’s would scream with a 130mph tail wind. Naturally the props broke off and started hitting people spreading people right left and center.

Three patients to treat with one AMAZING US Coast Guard Hoist in a tiny break in weather. Two Patients had props stuck in them and the last had a prop stuck in him like a tomahawk throw and the throwing end broke off, mid Femur fracture and a heavy bleeder. Traction was pulled to reduce the fracture, and then a junctional was created using buoy knobs tin from the boat and rubber; along with a little duck tape, to hold the contraption together, when asked the first word everyone says is “did you take a picture?” to quote that one song that you can’t get in your head. “STOP, Let me Take a Selfie!” The individuals were protected from the elements the best that they could be. Our location activation system was activated, and as the wind let up just a bit, a UH65 (dolphin) showed up and hoisted the victims to safety and on to the hospital.

What does that have to do with hurricane preparedness? nothing… just don’t get your dumbass caught in one! Floridians ride them out because they are FloGrown. and the state is only a few hundred miles wide so its going to skip right over the state, and go into the gulf. or, like hurricane Irma run up the state, sadly due to poor forecasting the people ran from the storm to the place it was going. The state had not put into place legislation like Texas where a “State of Emergency” is declared prices on goods deemed quantified for life sustainment they can not raise prices. In fact they are going after three business’.

After what I’ve seen this is much needed legislation across the nation so that Americans can protect what they have, what they have earned and what they have worked for to get to where they need to be in case of a natural disaster, Harvey Neighbors helping Neighbors, with augmented with government support, Irma Neighbors Helping each other as it moved fast and the clean up is quick. Maria, the government did not call for help fast enough and did not get help fast enough. It is not fair to the residents that were left and the dominican republic is destroyed. As a friend of mine said its amazing any Americans are left… the place is destroyed…

What do I do? If you have a natural disaster, leave, if you can. If you have to shelter in place, have survival blankets. If you don’t use them they are great for signaling for rescue, a case or three of water, some first aide, to your ability level. Familiarize your self with the apps that turn your phone’s into walkie talkies that way you can communicate with your neighbors or authorities. Get to know your neighbors (despite your introverted ways). Know Adult and Pediatric First Aid and CPR to go along with your with newly minted first aid kit. The Last tip use common sense. don’t get your self hurt and know your limitations, leave the hero work for heroes.


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