The Brown Out, No I’m not talking about your pants when the first shell lands; North Korea, and Counter Culture.

If you have not been in a brown out ill show you someone who has not flown in a helicopter, at least or landed on an X, to pic up a wounded or attack an objective.

RIP SSG AARON BUTLER, 19th SFG, Sgt. Roshain Euvince Brooks, Spc. Allen Levi Stigler Jr.

I  will never forget my first brown out. I we were chalk one into the X we got final word into our rapid decent that “things are going to get a little dark” meaning a brown out… When things got Dark they DID. we could hardly see our hands infront of our NVG’s we crept towards the front of the aircraft because we felt the aircraft behind us…. The pilots hit the IR strobe’s multiple times letting us know they were heading out so we got down and BOOM! They literally went three hundred to five hundred feet straight up and noise down, the Team Leader said we are Chalk One there are six more coming in. Which was true we needed to get the hell out of the way. I later found out that there were two reasons we needed to get out of the way; 1) The aircraft could of stalled or suffered damage as we kneeled there hoping the brownout would calm down. 2) Chalk 2, Chalk 3 etc were coming in and they were coming in hot! If we did not move out the potential to get run over by “Chalk 2” it would be as if two fire trucks hit each other at 70+ miles an hour.

In war you find your self to near misses, you see the video of the of people taking shots in the body armor, or ballistic helmets, being in the military it is a series of near misses and eventual hits.

Bringing us to North Korea, The Dictator of the Peoples Republic Of North Korea. Threatening Guam, Why threaten the one Island that is majority; Military, not just military but stealth medium attack bombers. This is not Connor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. It is like my son against the UFC heavy weight champion. Especially when China backed off. Kim Jung Un is going to be sitting there with his finger off the button, I don’t feel like we our out of the clear until after 9/11 Kim Jung is a historical individual.

Counter Culture, when were not understood; we go out, get a piece a of paper that says were smart, and we still do not fit in. We are the guys working a day job to fund the night and the weekend fun. So imagine a guy sitting at his desk with his appendix carry, and he can shoot the Barret, 50cal, and everything else you can think of, think of. When Saturday comes they go and put in work, keeping there shooting skills sharp. Just want to do hood rat shit with there friends…. #Counterculture

Covering the amount of topics from all over the board, I had extreme writers block. I have more to write later. r

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