The Ole Bait and Switch….

I’m going to veer off topic here and circle back. So stay with me…

Amazon, has risen to monopolistic power. As of later years for all generations especially the “have it now” GEN-Y/ Millennials.  I have found in my reading there is a big difference in the people who were born in the beginning of GEN-Y and the later date Millennial’s either way you can not deny. Move over Cyber Monday because Amazon Prime day is here to stay,  you can get you a fifty five gallon tub of lube to your house the next day. (Incase you were wondering about it). They rose to power with undercutting competitors, free shipping, and excellent customer service. however; some would argue that they steal sellers idea’s, it can be confusing with which seller is Prime which is not, the list is endless.

Amazon has there floor set up to box C12 could be a Diamond ring boxed up and C13 could be a box of rubber dog shit. Now, Amazon is pulling the plug on your relationship if you complain to much, return to much stuff, or call into customer services to get your order straightened out. Some people found a lot of loop holes in there system and while some individuals have exploited them, the majority of the populous are simply trying to return there rubber dog shit to get there diamond ring. Having no clue that their “Returning/Exchanging” or for better Amazon words “Complaining” too much, is being tracked. Sometimes its good to cut the cord on a relationships that complain to much, however, Complaints are like boat anchors and will drag your boat along”. You could be thinking yes my diamond ring is on PRIME?!?! YES!!!!! when a box of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong shows up, don’t complain about it. It will count against you and you may get your prime pulled.

For those who are in the military this may sound familiar. The guys who are in the military “Old Timers” look at the military are generally the Older Gen-Y’s the guy’s with all the rank. Some guys may call them the “Crusty NCO’s” but you don’t get to E-9 or O-6 and up with out earning it, with out leading the best of the best. When you look at the Department of defense, there are new fields like “Cryptology Communications/Linguist” “Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator” or better none as a drone pilot and “Nodal Network Systems Operator” People are calling it the “New Army”.

Is it the New Army? or is it the make it work for you Military? I have a close close friend that left the military at the end of his enlistment. He tried to go  Warrant Officer Flight Training Program (Fly Helicopters)but was told flat out he stood  better chance getting into the Warrant Officer Flight Training Program from the outside. The Military let an NCO walk out the door at his ETS (end of time served) only to return to the Army to become a pilot. Some would consider that self serving, some would consider that, filling the needs of the Army, He is now apart of the 160th. I would say he bettered the Army. I would say he made the Army work for him. They should of let him go from the position he was in, it was not a high demand position.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.54.15 AM.png

I’ve heard its the “ME-ME-ME” Army. Although I would say individuals exploiting the “loop-holes” throughout the military that allow men and women to better their careers shouldn’t be considered the “ME-ME-ME” Army. If a PFC can change jobs or exploit a loop hole that individuals do not typically know about to become a CWO5, Colonel or a even higher… as long as soldiers live the soldier creed or creeds set for by the other branches of the military. As well as cleanly promote them self and climb the ladder people shouldn’t have a problem with the “ME-ME ME Army” The rub lies in the Brat Military where the respect line is thin, and the demand line is high. I had a senior NCO tell me one time when I could not get through to this Private “Watch him; wait him out, while it will be frustrating you will find the one thing that he enjoys during his off time and then take it from him, you can do all the remedial PT you want, you can put as much of it on paper as you want, if you want him to fall in line, take what he cherish’s most.” sounds a little bit like Amazon. I’ll keep my rubber dog shit… (It was a CZ anyways)FullSizeRender-3.jpg

There is a quote out there, those who refuse to learn,and educate themselves as a society will die. Those who refuse to train will die, those who refuse to better there career are committing career suicide. One of the unexpected side effects of my blog was ROTC guys was e-mailing me and DM’ing me on IG to build relationships and more over advice to help them be better leaders through hard lessons learned during my time watching weak officers struggle, head strong officers meet head strong units. and power officers meet power units and become the quintessential “A-Team” minus the van, and trade it for a hilux.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 7.52.25 PM.png

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