The Great Stale Mate know as the US Military…

I have run across a lot of people through out my career that have hit there “BOILING POINT” or there “FUCK IT” point. The US Military is good for that. “hurry up and wait” SOF is not immune from all of it. Waived off Jumps because we waited to long and the winds picked up, training evolutions paused at camp rudder because lightning strikes are too close. etc. I have run across a few stories where the people them selves are going to guest blog with me. These people took a down grade of rank and position for the betterment of the military.

One gentleman is Former Army Captain Now SGT Pokorny, formerly CPT Pokorny, was an infantry officer. He enjoyed his position and it is not easy to get the time and grade to get to the rank of company commander. The Army thought enough to move to entirely different division to create change or create more “stale mate”. CPT Pokorny, did not appreciate the move to tracks (tanks, light infantry to mechanized infantry, this makes them less deployable more “boots on the ground” deployable) CPT Pokorny, wanted to stay light infantry and stay where he, was the most efficient. Where his leadership was the most effective. Frustrated and with no other recourse he resigned his commission, and re-enlisted and now is SGT Pokorny.  He spends his time contemplating going the SF route but right now he mentors young troops and shows young NCO’s the way.

Ive also been following the story of an officer who essentially resigned her commission to get to where she wants to be, her IG handle is Fionaheloise. Her Instagram does not tell much of the tale of what happened but you can listened to the listen to the Mentor’s for Military Podcast it is number 84. She commissioned to be a Military Police and signed on for an extra three years because she thought she was going to be able to do some sort of Investigative work, sadly she did not get the option to do that. The highest she would be able to get would Company Commander or Watch Commander. That was not her passion nor was it what was going to make her happy. She wanted to become an investigator. Similar to a detective but in the military if the CID is looking into you you have SERIOUS issues.

The Military will generally kick the problem children out, if the CID needs to investigate you and bring charges by the time they bring charges you are in DEEP. there is not much the best lawyers in the world can do to get you out. It is my knowledge that they do not bring charges unless there investigation is IRON CLAD.

LT FioanaHeloise had to resign her commission to become a Warrant Officer so that she could fulfill her dream of doing the investigative work. Something a lot of people don’t realize is that the Military hires out the police to a federal subsidy and they do the the law enforcement. Every single time I wold enter the gate and pass a “patrol” car on a certain aviation compound was run by a Federal Policing agency that was not the MP’s. As CWO2 Fiona expressed in the Podcast. I hope to have her as a guest writer soon.

These are just two simple examples where the military has created a “stalemate” and two young leaders have taken it upon themselves to make the Department of Defense a better place simultaneously mentoring the individuals around them making them want to be better Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.

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