Brandon Webb, Chris Osman takes on “Red Circle”,”Among Hero’s”, and the rest of stolen valor.

Chris Osman is an amazing designer, he does some awesome work with motorcycle’s, easily accessible bags, and other as sundries, by the way he was apart of Naval Special Warfare. Essentially he is a SEAL. (ret)

IG: _chris_osman_designs

Chris Osman is releasing stickers, that are FREE to the public. Free to the population. All you have to do send him $2 for shipping

He has been taking to Instagram to call out people who are “Stealing Valor” Im going to piss off a few people here but its not hard to steal valor or as the new term comes “borrow valor” -coined by Havock Journal. Combat it is real real easy to have fish tails especially when it comes to the early days before we all had camera’s/helmet cams/ etc. It is when you refuse to come back to center, you refuse to say eh it docent matter how many fish we caught as long as we left better people”

To catch everyone up to speed Chris Osman Called Brandon Webb Owner of SOFREP, HURRICANE Inc, Force 12 Media, writer of “Red Circle” and “Total Focus”. Chris Goes on in his global call out as Brandon Webb’s former Bud’s class mate and former Seal Team Three team mate and Platoon mate. (it does not get much closer than that)

Chris Osman States in his call out of Brandon Webb that he never fired a shot in anger in the war on terror, he hid behind the same award that was issued to the entire platoon. Those awards and commendations are considered “unit” citations. For those who are unaware, there are “Unit” Citations within the awards and commendations and there are personal awards/citations. Chris has pointed out that his “combat experience” and the basis is based SOLELY on a unit citation. As Chris says “Essentially every single person in the platoon got this citation” This is essentially a same citation that could be earned by a Seabee in Afghanistan. It does not insinuate combat. You call it implied valor, or even borrowed valor.

This is all stemming from a the release of his new book “Among Hero’s” that oddly enough was released on Memorial Day Weekend. The book recalls a close friendship with eight service members who later went on and were killed in battle. It seemed like a good idea at the time, however; at time of print brandon has made zero mention of proceeds going to them. Making you believe that he is going to profit off the loss of SOF widows grief. Anonymous calls were made to various stops of the book signings that heading warning that trouble was brewing, these warnings were not headed and not trouble has come: Hello Trouble…

Operationally could Brandon of done more? The only person who knows that is himself? (once you make it guys have a way of quitting, there is a saying that getting in is the easy part, staying in is the hard part) maybe he was injured? It certainly seems that way since he collects 80% disabillity from the VA, deployment life is no cake walk…. however; his dd214 did made it’s way to the inter webs and he only has Afghanistan on there once, but in the book the “Red Circle” he talks about two deployments and one to Iraq. In reality it is one and one. guess he got it mixed up, Easy to do.

SOFREP – Brandon went on to start his first company SOFREP. Which aimed its self at providing accurate in time yet tactical news with the rest of the world. Sadly SOFREP/Force12 media/HurricaneInc./Specialoperationsdotcom/fightersweep are all entangled in this mess that is Brandon Webb. There have been plenty of Army guys who have known or suspected something was foul, but could not or would not say anything for fear of repercussion, while everyone was off fighting the Global War on Terror, Brandon Webb Was setting up his media empire. He even went as far as make a “Rap Video” for one of his nemesis Loren Schofield (Loren – Notaseal) comparing there problems to the level to that of the ones of Biggie Smalls and Tu pac Shakur. (pretty extreme) on the other note he has no problem boasting about his plane and his watches on his personal web channels.

People have started to call your bluff Brandon, you Should not made the choice to profit off of SOF widows or done Matt the way you did because he did not want on your show. Your time is coming, now that your own SEAL team mates are turning on you. It certainly feels your days are numbered.

Brandon has not responded to Chris’ claims publicly. IG: Brandontwebb he left the navy in 2006.

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