Green Team…

Who loves Green Platoon? It is what you have to do to participate in Tier Fun Operations.

Any group that joins JSOC is forged in through the hell that is Green Platoon/Green Team. You work your arse off just to get in, staying in is harder. It depends on what branch and what group your assessing for. I have found through out my career going through “Two Pipelines” you would think one was enough punishment, but the second was the one I retired from and it was the most rewarding by far.

Going through Green Platoon for the 160th was by far my favorite assignment. You spend six weeks of hell although there is hell and there is purgatory. I had already been through Ranger school (not the 75th ranger regiment) all those guys who say your not a ranger because you did not belong to the 75th relax I went for a leadership school. However I did go all the way through with no recycles. Suck it Batt Boys! Im kidding… Compared to Ranger School Green Platoon was difficult but I had developed a mantra, “as long as you made it through today you can make it through tomorrow” “You made it, did everything they wanted today, you can do it all again” and my personal favorite “Your not a quitter, you’ve never quit anything since a mile long swim when you were 14 don’t start now, quiting is embarrassing”

These mantras however weird have long served me well. The one about the mile swim was as a boy scout. I was the third youngest Eagle Scout at the time back in the day. I went to summer camp with the troop as the Senior Patrol Leader, and with not much to do I decided I would take the BSA Lifeguarding course and mile swim at 14. Technically I had to be 15 although I said I will wait for my time to tick off. Mike McFadden was a mountain of a man as he dwarfed me in size, (was 6’3 I don’t know if I was even 5’7 by then he was 260 I was 120) I was the only person in his class he was going to cancel it and then he looked at me and said “Im going to drown you”. Mike went on to play Division 1 College Football s a defensive end and line backer. A blown out knee and bad hip kept him from the pro’s.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.13.41 PM
The most sophisticated water crash simulator in the military. Capable of 70knot winds, creating high rough seas, and has a a semi faraday cage to make actual lightning and thunder.

I swam the required 500m swim on the first day. My dad watched me swim, I had never swam that far before. I don’t remember saying this, but my dad said you looked at me tired and worn saying “I was going to finish or they were going to pull me from the bottom of the pool”. I worked up to my mile swim on the last day of summer camp. Retrospectively this was my first adhoc “Green Team”

In that assessment, I executed a procedure wrapped my arm over his chest and haul him thrashing like his life depending on it to the other side of the pool. (25M) When I started working as a lifeguard, getting more and more certifications the BSA was the only one that taught it the, American Red Cross, YMCA deemed it unsafe and better the patient go under than rescuer and the swimmer. I guess better one than drown than two, but if it is your loved one it is not to risky. Any of us that have had any kind of dive training, advanced swim training etc. know what the panicked mind can do, however; look at the Coastguard…. they don’t quit. Neither do I

If I can rescue I guy who outweighed me by over 100lbs had ten years plus years on me in age and maturity) all the while I had stay alive and swim him 25m. (he was not exactly relaxed). He did not want me to get my lifeguard. He was going to drown me, I say to you Mike… you made a man out of me at 14. thanks for that!

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.14.25 PM
My dad always said I needed to respect the water more…. I think my encounter with Mike McFadden at 14 made me the able to conquer this task and the CDQC that came before.

I am neck deep in nondisclosure agreements so I can elaborate too much on Green Platoon or outside anything you can do a google search and find info on, but everyone knows that in the chaos of Black Day two people “go missing”, “get captured” etc. You FALLin on the paddock, training grounds, getting the command in a wonderfully polite tone, we were currently being berated for a count, having to do the about face and see them standing there with there holding the POW/MIA Flag, I did not even know there name. It made me sick to my stomach, It was one of the most depressing feelings I’ve ever felt. I imagine its what guys think about when they are suicidal. I have had some POW’s in my family. Ive heard it from those first hand experience and they say its a fate worse than death. Probably why we get so much advanced SERE training. (Survival Escape Resist and Evade)

In SFAS and in Ranger school its about getting your ass through. While the underlying theme is team work (Ranger Buddy in Ranger School) and in SFAS you have team week. You generally are focused on staying under the radar and getting through. You will have to explain it to the CADRE at the boards you generally have to explain why you did not explain why you were not more of a stand out, the ” tend to get picked off” or unwanted attention. In Ranger focus on your Ranger buddy and making sure he does not quit. You spend a lot of time with him, now potential her, I honestly would not mind having a female Ranger buddy, not for reasons you would think(no one wants sex when your that tired). They are there because they want to prove them self more than anything. Its like the females going to SFAS, I was talking to tony the packing list was crazy but the top of the list is birth control.

Ive gone to a lot of schools, some with females some with not, now that females are there across the board, some schools the schools maintain the mentality they had no reason being there and embarrassed by the gender, there are females out there where the females amazed me in there ability and grit makes me think of badasses like Jacqueline Carrizosa, I honestly feel were still active and Army she would make it through our T2/T1 courses. Im willing to bet (I’m not a betting man she would be the first female right now to pin the Long Tab, and Green beret as an 18B, girl loves her weapons and did them in the Navy (Im going to get hate for this) there are other badasses out there but she is just the first one to come to mind.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.37.49 PM
Brojaq doing an arieal Hog Hunt, she also did many other SOF style things during this SOFREPtv shoot. She was and Desiree Huitt were the only females there . Its because they can cary her own weight plus some. Desiree is also an Editor for SOFREP and former Army.

The moral of the obnoxiously long blog is that teach every challenge like its a green team. teach your kids about green team and make life about it. Life is a proving ground it’s embarrassing to quitting. The first time your child quits it sets them up for a life of thinking its ok to quit. It is never ok. Night Stalkers Don’t Quit, VeritasOmina, Vincula Vincint. (my two units slogans)

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.45.03 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-29 at 2.01.48 PM.png

These two coins I value more than any other, the second coin has my name inscribed on the back. I have coins from “The Unit” and ST6, as well as the commanding units, but nothing will mean more to me than these to little chunks of precious metal.