A storm’s coming, and its going to cost a lot of lives…

Sitting in Kuait waiting training 7th group, or maybe 5th group as a part of our TF waiting to cross the border. Not many of us had real war experience. It was an interesting mix, had older set go guys that were in Panama, and the Central American war, Deseret Storm (if you can count that) and early Afghanistan war.

We wore Blue Jeans, (the CIA did it why couldn’t we?) Magazines in our back pocket, it was good times! We trained our asses off and trained all day and all night, training until our rounds would run out and we would have to get a resupply. Waiting on our resupply the Agency guys said come on lets go enjoy some freedom before we enjoy and we headed into Kuwait city for four days… It was more fun than I had ever expected! Ive spent a ton of time for a White/Caucasian man in the Arabic countries, despite the fun I had in Kuwait city, The culture is not for me. Im in no way shape or form Xenophobic and thats an unfortunate nature of our culture has become…. if you do not like something or care for something it makes you a racist, a discriminate, or whatever the catchphrase of the week. I do not that think it is a message that we should pass on to our kids. Our families, or just carry it on to my kids generation. My grandfather who participated in WWII one day he visited in my house while I was a teenager and he said man it it looks the United Nations. While I’m not of a fan of the fan of the HAJ I do not HATE them

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.31.38 AM.png

I believe its Milo Yilanopolis that said our country is becoming so PC that we are rotting away from the inside… Back to the Heart of the story….

We sat across the border waiting for the invasion to begin, and we also worked diligently to ¬†prepare for the raid. Crossing the border and making way into the country we found our way into the country then we ran smack dab into a riot ran by a guy that went by the name Al Assad in the city of Najaf. There were members of our team that sent it all the way u to the top to have him knocked off, he just looked like a bad dude, and we all know how that played out. When Saddam Hussein was captured and killed… Well we know how that turned out real well. one shot, would of potentially ended our issues.


SOFA – Came to an end and the asked our Capt. was asked what do you think is going to happen, God it was General brigade of General Brigades, SecDef it seemed like the whole damn room of decision makers was in the room as a young E6 I felt loyal to My CAPT. He said and I Quote, “there is a storm coming, it is going to cost a lot of lives.” and that it did. All the second battles, Second battle of Fallujah, Second battle of Ramadi, battle of endless of names with costless lives, meanwhile over in Afghanistan CPT Hafer was right. Lives were lost and its not a matter of right and wrong. They told us not insurgency it was left of Saddam’s Republican guard. Its not an insurgency. Insurgency is being shot at every 30 feet.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.43.55 AM.png

You would not like being shot at as much as we did. Lost a lot of friends, and I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the muslim culture… Im no Xenophobe, its just not my thing… When you look at the movies and the bad guy almost wins, yet looses in the end. and they make up. you think that can’t happen! it does. Every single day, someone deploys takes fire and comes home.

IMG_0913.JPG.jpegScreen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.31.38 AM.png

Despite lives loss teach your children forgiveness….

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