Perspective… She as much as of a mistress as the mission set.

I watched a TEDx of an attack pilot. His told a story of where he received a Troops in Contact over his helmet. The weather was bad that night. He had to do a “weather let down” it was a fire fight that I was involved in. I remember it because usually when the A10 does a flyby they break contact and we can all go home. The now COL. said he had never done one and he described what he had seen when he got below the cloud deck. All he wanted to know was are they taking fire from the east or are we be firing to the west. He got word that we were firing to the west and so he let his gun rip for longer than usual. He said the fire out of his guns blinded his NVG’s and he had to pull a high G turn to miss colliding into the mountain, and back into the weather, he said he head the worst thing an A10 pilot could hear… Silence. after what seemed like an eternity he finally came time the pilot finally heard good effect keep it coming. Usually one fly by and the ALQT,  break contact and go home but they knew they had something good that day and they would not break contact. His wingman stated I will do will come down with you and can put more rounds on target. Due to the lower the ceiling they decided only one would go down. They finally broke contact and and the pilot felt the mission was a success. The guys got out with any casualties.

Later he discussed. Having to command of his A10, Viper’s checking on station, Falcon’s Checking in, Hornet’s checking in. and HH60’s Pave-hawk’s. All to rescue the shot down AH64 crew that was providing overwatch of the then captured PFC Lynch. It looked like an air show just over the hill. we drove over the hill after clearing the riot Al Assad started. Evan Hafer wanted him dead and for good purpose. Anyone who went down that road knew that a storm came after we captured Saddam Hussein. (beauty of working military and SOF) back to the and the AH64 pilots about to be captured. Another few miles we would of made it over the hill (anyone been to IRAQ a hill can go for 25 miles) we drove our trucks another ten miles and we were just on the other side of the his and could see the AH64 down and aircrew. Yet was still an impressive airshow. We could not get line of sight, to check in with the aircraft. The only thing we heard as two A-10’s was “ABORT” “ABORT” like he said on his speech that is like cursing on the radio. Abort is as bad as arguing on the radio just like that they were all gone. If the now COL would of known that we were just miles away and on the back side of the helot hat was down. We had a few heavily armed trucks and a several elite soldiers, all we needed was line of site.

Being on the rescue of the mission of PFC Lynch. it feels like we went a bit over kill. standing there with a “guys hand on the doctors throat and him saying we were going to sneak here it makes me wonder” Being a part of a HUMNT unit I wonder if we had to hit the target that hard. IT was a hospital, although I doubt his ability to “sneak her out” a lot of people died that I’m not sure needed to die. Hunt… Harm… Heal…

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 5.51.15 AM.png

It pulls on the heart that women are being allowed to serve in all roles. It is easy to armchair quarterback it. When it comes to POW’s thats a serious game to play and a game that the fellow me and women do not take lightly. I had to deal with POW’s in the family and taking the COL’s words there is a fate worse than death. In this war it could mean your Son or Daughter. Your father or mother, your husband or your wife watching you get beheaded on TV. While there are women that are absolutely qualified to be there. When you think of it as a POW circumstance it keeps me up at night…. Perspective.

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