Things caught in a photograph….

The things we catch in a photograph can tell any story you want it to…

     Camera’s the great debate these days, Im not talking about body camera’s on an officer. Although they fit the bill in the broad spectrum of some of the bodies within the paragraphs. The images they capture images and show what is going on during a certain situation, lately this can either give an individual his freedom or condemn them within the press, causing him to fight for his good name back. As Sheriff Clarke stated early on in these incidents, “when an officer is exonerated, how do you put that toothpaste back in the tube”. This gives an interesting pause because while I started a career where camera’s were bulky and heavy. Now we have commanders flying over head watching what we do, and our phones take photos that our twelve megabit photos and they have them on them generally all the time.

When you look at a photo all you see is whats in it. The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is an accurate statement. Can the picture tell you anything about the atmosphere of the photo, say for instance its a picture of two kids smiling big, but in the back ground the father and the mother are fighting like cats and dogs, slamming doors, throwing things, and the picture taker is the uncle and said ill give you ice cream if you smile! and the picture turned out ADORABLE so it goes up on Instagram, everyone in that individuals social group thinks man everything must be great in there world. While the Uncle is taking them to his house because it not safe where they are? (by no means the situation with duder and duderette) Ive seen people get divorced and have heard this more times then i care to count “I had no idea they were having issues” and with the social media game you can twist reality to be whatever you want it to be.

The other thing that my mind does, is posting pictures of my kids in a place where I can not immediately delete them forever. I know “once it on the internet its out there forever” but there Instagram still lets you permanently delete your profile and allows you to keep a fairly tight locks on your pictures. Profiles for there kids. This is a strongly divide topic so I will tread lightly as possible.  The things the SIGNET (Signal Intelligence) guys showed me is that people who put there kids out on Facebook one, can delete the pic but Facebook “catalogs” it as part of its facial recognition software and two Its crazy for me have Facebook use its facial recognition software algorithm and “cataloged” photos to link my child and or automatically want to tag them in a photo that some guy took of the family rooting for a friends in the stands at the local soccer tournament. (smaller crowed more likely hood of it picking your child out) of a complete strangers profile. I am a USASOC guy through and through was lucky enough to get there quickly in my career, I scan crowd A LOT, and if I see someone with a cellphone I almost always take my hat off and throw it over my duder’s face or my hand anything I can to obscure his facial features enough. Anything to keep him off the Facebook, even though Facebook has acquired Instagram, I constantly check there policies and if they change all of the kids pics will get punted.

Not to get statistical but ever since the birth of the internet, sexual crimes against kids, sexual predatory crimes against minors, and the worst of all HUMAN TRAFFICKING has gone up by nearly a MILLION PERCENT! Ill wait while you check my facts. Human Trafficking had existed before the internet however its shape and scope was not to the intensity it is now. It was truly to move people, across borders, out of Cuba, escaping countries etc. I thank my SIGNET buddy, “Bret” or helping me with all that info. It was not to long ago that everyone thought I was crazy for having a no kids on FB rule… now people are starting to understand. It has gone up enough that ARSOF/USASOC  has gotten involved to break these rings up. The military divides boundaries and jurisdictional issues as long as it is deemed an executive order. Otherwise known as a “war on” Militaries can bridge the gap where PD/Sheriff’s ICE FEDS and all others in other countries fall short. I implore you to look into a movie called the Abolitionist.

     Worsening it all making it sad is the,  part of all the photos out there these days is that people steal them. I read a blogger who had gotten really famous, if you will and she found out someone was stealing photos of her kids because they were so photogenic. Why steal photos of kids, in the military woman/girlfriends will buy pregnant women’s positive pregnancy tests and sonogram pics. to entrap there assumed boy friends. People are CRAZY. The aforementioned blogger did not start ruining her photos with Picture tags, with layovers, she just simply took pics with her kids not looking directly at the camera. Its a great Idea if you want to post photos of your kiddos.

Cameras being used to watch soldiers in a battle space, and cameras soldiers are using in a battle space to snap “cool pictures” and post them on Instagram to see who can get them most likes.(exclusions to my friends who are legit and keep there profiles locked down, simply post there dive equals because they are in a deseret but must stay current Dude if your reading this it was the first thing out of my mind no harm meant)  In the mid 2000’s guys had smaller portable cameras, similar to the SSE, rare to see unless issued(Sensitive Site Exploitation, a military acronym we use in loose analogy Field CSI) cameras they use today. When they were to depart from there deployment there camera would be gone through and as long as it had no “sensitive” pictures on it they could keep them. If you were caught trying to smuggle sensitive pictures out you would be hammered with at least a Company Grade Article 15 if not a Field Grade Article 15 (Military Punishment not Mat Best, JT Rocco and buddies clothing line) these days you have guys with there phones with them taking selfies and cool guy pictures. As seen in the photo above.

Cool Guy Taken to a whole new level.

It is cool at times but as a friend of mine “John” who used to work in S2 for a USASOC group and frequently got his hand slapped for being “too hard on the guys” ” John retired before phones got out of control but you can see his blood pressure rise every time we talk about it. Its a great recruiting tool if you want to look at it that way but the thing is these guys are the 1% club and often times when someone fires off a photo you have to think did I do enough to hide that individuals Identity outside the photo. Unfortunately, some people have messed it up for everyone and at times Ive heard that they used Drones to watch battle space, to ensure that soldiers are acting according to the laws set forth by command as far as rules of engagement and the rules set forth by Geneva Conventions. If you would like some light reading I will add the link at the bottom.

This is good and bad, because earlier I spoke about look at what happened in the picture, two happy kids. The drone feeding back to command sometimes thousands of miles away could have zero comprehension of the atmosphere, did the troops just take contact before they entered this sector? Did they witness a military aged male auctioning suspiciously, people forget in a war zone when the individual is staring down the site of his gun. He his the judge hurry and executioner. (for those who don’t know MAM are the ones that are hard to trust) did he just throw a rock at the gun truck and it seemed like a bullet for a second, making them them stop, this stop could be buying the insurgents enough time to finish there placement of an IED or for the Vehicle born IED to meet them at the perfect place. because with out the stoppage they would of blown up a village. These are things a camera can some times see, sometimes not see but a camera never feels. Ever…

A snapchat of a picture to friends back home…

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