R.E.D Friday…

The term remember everyone deployed… Every single Friday, there is a social media push to wear red, hashtag #redfriday, make it red and make it on Friday.

The cause is to say, while we are going damn our week SUCKED, we should take a moment of silent reflection, meditation, or prayer so that those that you remember those deployed to forward operating locations.

While many of use have the scars, memories and the PTSD moniker to remember why we take pause for this. Are the majority of these people simply virtue signaling? I see people complaining that they got hemmed up by TSA, or that there was a long line at security. (This weeks United excluded from this conversation) do any of you remember what it was like before TSA was there? Have you forgotten? Why did we just drop the GBU/43 the MOAB (Mother of all bombs) believe it or not, its not because our president just does what he wants. It is because eleven special operations members were killed in 2016, and the seven that have lost there life this year fighting in forward operating locations.

Sixteen years and counting for a war on terrorism that was executed by men on three planes that were only armed with box cutters. Have you ever looked at the length of a fully extended box cutter? Not the new ones that flip out like knifes but the old school ones. For the purposes of this post I actually measured them, within the casing the most industrial one I could find was two inches. It does not seem much, Especially in a knife fight. One could argue that times were different and people were programmed to be non confrontational. Considering that Special Operations can date back to the confederate wars with “Rangers”, and the Navy Seals/Frogmen dating back to the first world war I would counter your argument with we were “Complacent” a state that we find ourselves in frequently…

Is this the reason for R.E.D Friday? no, is complacency the origin for R.E.D Friday? Possibly… As long as we have troops forward operating they need to remember them. At any moment they could become victim of attack and the first to defend you, me, and the ones we love from war. They rose their right hand and took the oath of enlistment to defend against all enemies foreign or domestic. I remember the time I faced down and enemy with a loaded gun… all I could think about was not R.E.D Friday.

For those of you who wear red every Friday, take a moment at lunch or before you clock out at the end of the day to remember those deployed. To those of you who take a moment for silent/verbal prayer, meditation. For those that hit the bar and the first shot sits there all night in remembrance of those who came before and those who will fall afterwards. To those who teach there children what R.E.D Friday is. Lastly to those who are simply “virtue signaling” by commenting in someones pictures to say hey, don’t forget about me today. Three thousand plus people die on 9/11 and the six thousand that were wounded, and now the countless people that are now suffering from the effects of being in the area. don’t forget about them, ever.

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