Jus Ad Bellum, Jus In Bello…

Have your ever recognized I use ellipse a lot? what should I do to make a better point? I find this Blog especially funny because I write it while feeding dudelette…

For those who are unaware of the doctrine, Jus Ad Bellum, refers to the “laws of war” set forth by by UN. Which America follows DILLIGENTLY, “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations.

Jus In Bello, Once a war has begun, it is the rules set forth by the UN on how we conduct our self. I.E Sarin Gas, or “Nerve Agent” is against the rules. Seems a little silly that we we have “rules” but when you look at it we do not just have the UN rules, we have the NATO rules, and the Geneva convention rules. Broken down, not every one has to follow the rules, however; failure to follow these rules comes with strict sanctions by the world in the means of OIL, COAL, etc.

PRK (North Korea) Has been paying games, China, one of it’s allies has now in the process of choking off its Coal, and Oil Supplies. Which would leave the country unpowered. I strongly feel we should just push pallets of fake money out of planes to there people to send the country into chaos. After all that is there number one source of income is counterfeiting money, why not send a communist country into chaos by giving a tatse of there own money? See what I did there? (Jus Ad Bellum, Jus Ad Bello)

Syria, Gave its people a taste of the same attack it did four years ago with the Sarin gas attack. For goodness sake we watched another bomb hit on live TV. None the less our president led by the sound advise of Secretary of Defense Mattis, launched a strike against the airbase with fifty nine tomahawk missiles at the origin of attack. Days later the put out a video of one plane taking off from the “embattled” airbase… Do you believe this attack did any good? I do. Fifty nine Tomahawk missiles strategically placed did do damage, they released a propaganda video, after copious amounts of cleaning up so that one plane could take off! That is a double edge sword, this is a Trump does not know what he is doing video, and a morale booster for the Assad regime.

It seems like the world is sitting on a ticking bomb for the outsider, the III fleet is headed for South Korea especially because its the first time this has happened. Isis despite being pushed out of IRAQ is still a problem, but the 36th battalion (Raise The Black) has done an amazing job especially considering the amazing when you considering that they were stood up by the American SOF troops and have kicked ACE since we left. Sadly we have lost a lot of good friends raising the black. With them being under budget and a country in ruins.

How much is too much? I ran across an article that said will Trump break Special Operations? I don’t believe so? at least not yet. there will be more fostering young troops to grow to take our place before we are broken. My friend Tu Lam posted  great statement several times that I will share.

 – The Cycle –

In time the grip on your weapon will not be as strong, the strike on your enemy will not be as lethal. Your body will weaken. Your vision will fade and mind will not be as sharp. This is the “cycle” and it is needed… For we can not be the ones the world calls on. There will be a next breed of warriors and I will welcome them. For the chosen ones… You, will suffer loneliness, pain, cold, hold, hunger… you will be injured time and again. you continue on your path… Do not worry young ones… For you are the chosen ones and my brothers and I will strengthen your body and sharpen your mind together. We will walk this path together, and we will tell our tales through the teachings until the path ends for us. This is the a warrior “Cycle” and this is necessary…

Does this not sound like parenting? it absolutely seems like it, minus some of the shooting and warrior stuff unless your child joins the military.

One more fun factoid. 67 years 7 months and 24 days… Why is this important? That is the exact amount of time between 2 September and 1945 – 26 April 2013 that is (24,708) 26 April 2013 was the establishment of the “Caliphate” (Isis doctrine) this is just short of the human life span by 3 years. We have become complacent as a human race. We are so focused on our 1st world problems that Isis established its caliphate and jumped into the world and just started a refugee crisis, in which we do not trust anyone from the area. Making us xenophobic. I have spent a lot of time in the area I don’t care for it, does that make me a xenophobic, absolutely not.

The whole world is sitting on a ticking bomb, are we going to defuse the situation? Or are we going to sit back and change it?

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