New Tactics, New Gear, Same Old Enemy…

Jesus, It has been awhile since I have posted. Ever been super sick? like the sick that you should of been in the hospital but you went to the doc and made an educated dissertation on why you ought not be hospitalized. I should of taken them up on the hospitalization. This was an Ambush of epic proportions on my immune system, viral load was high and so was my white count. Thankfully I’ve turned the corner.

I was chatting with Stuart (British Royal Commando) that happened to come across my path. He was running support for his SAS brethren, and I was chatting with him about how the gear has caused jumped light years ahead, our tactics have jumped light years ahead but its the same old enemy. That the USSR fought almost 40 years ago now…

Our training is the best in the world both in aviation, ground troops, and ability to inter mix the two forces together. As soon as we pull out of an area of operations it immediately falls back under Taliban control. We deploy on an exhausting pace, that wreaks havoc on marriages children’s lives etc. and they only what to make SOF bigger?!? What gives there? The standard to meet the requirement or the amount of soldiers being placed under a stop loss. I remember what the stop loss did to moral back in the day. It sucked the moral right out of the troops.

The grinder 13 month and longer deployment… The words “your getting extended” at a high rate, are just punishing words for morale.

Circling back to life we began this conversation by simply how we started and where we are today. I remember watching Seals use Flight Suits as there battle uniform, only Richard Marchinko knows why. Not exactly the most streamlined fighting material. Now we have White Phosphorus NVG’s that we can make out peoples facial features in a moonless night. It’s truly amazing when put in the hands of the right people.

Much like parenting. Parenting has come a long way, but has also set its self back a  long way. We have kids who have ZERO personality but can code operating systems on a computer. It is easy to pull out your phone and hand it to your kid at the dinner table so you and your wife, husband, brother, brother, sister whoever to just shut the child up. Are you using the right adjuncts to stimulate the child’s brain so that one day they may be able to code there own OS, or are they just watching a movie? I relate it to my medicine that I practiced, did I apply the right “adjuncts” while my buddy is bleeding to death or has a chest cavity full of blood or did I just let them watch a move until the “midline shift” occurred and death became immanent.

Lastly the thing I hate more than anything was when your parents say “well you survived” how many people survived the melt down of the nuclear reactors in Japan, only to known they will die a slow painful death in 10-15 years from radiation poisoning. Surviving is not always living. Surviving is thriving. without thriving you are not well you are a glass human. Sadly, glass humans do not do well in this world.

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