You can tell a lot about a person by the look in there eyes… Mine are Dark, they may for the lives I have taken. I hope its for the lives I could not save.

Trauma: a life may leave this earth and before the floor is dry another one may enter. May it be the sudden death of an individual, or the sudden birth of triplets in you and your partners arms. It is all considered Trauma.


I have immobilized a guy in CT with a dins fracture that walked into the ER and in the same night a woman pulled up in the parking lot honking her horn screaming, terrified to move because she is only 29 weeks pregnant but her child is laying on the floor of the car umbilical cord still attached. We took her to Trauma room baby blue as a cooler. As we took her to a Trauma room the house supervisor brought down what appeared to be a shoebox for a bible. It was for the deceased child. Just like that we cut the cord and placed the baby in it and gave her child and took her baby and wheeled her to maternity.



The Trauma these old tired eyes have seen and been through is enough to last a lifetime. It’s all Trauma.


Trauma is preventable to an extent, the ability to over come Trauma before it gets too irreversible lies in the hands the hands of us the providers, practitioners and citizens with education and early intervention (at least on the home front) Trauma is…. education, if your boss is still running old ACLS call him on it! I watched (as a Volunteer Paramedic) when ran a full code the Paramedic supervisor pushed two amps of bicarbonate and immediately stack shocks as frontline care. Fuck your job your boss prob when your boss is killing a man. (I know this came out of ACLS before I got out 2012, when this event happened), “he’s my boss” my friend said “I just got hired” he was one of the smartest street paramedics I knew, and is now and is now in medical school partially because of what his “boss” did.


       Do No Harm. Is part of the Hippocratic oath, we use this a lot in Street Medicine, Flight Medicine, and Military Medicine. Much like the saying you may be familiar with, “That others may live” This phrase originally belonged to the Air Force Pararescuemen. TCCC is a guideline not a hard set of rules as we practice medicine we do not perform as if we are to perform surgery, where there are a hard set of rules and contingencies. My EOD brothers frantically sweeping the medevac zone for mines, therefor a helicopter can land and guns up so that birds can put wheels down. Mad respect I was there and you almost chew a hole for through your seat the first time you set down.


The tactics have changed and they are also targeting our C17’s for a take down. They see the Combat Controller (CCT) Or Joint Terminal Attack Controller JTAC/TACP marking a dirt runway With IR runway for a “floating runway landing” According to my C17 pilot friend when your looking through your NVG’s at a runway painted with IR paint and IR chem-lights in corners with the dirt blowing away the runway it would appear like your run way is floating….


Fighting season is upon us the air is so thick if you sneeze will you break it?


One fun fact there are more SEALS on Active duty than were Pararescumen EVER.FullSizeRender-1


There have only been 50 FMQ pinned pilots that fly MH6’s


The RRC also has less than 50 people in it


SOF Is a Small World…. When Guys are caught pretending to be us its not because we want to be hard asses its because we want to be protect what we have worked for…

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