The War is Never Over Is It Another Vietnam? Our Fathers think so… We Wont Stop fighting!

My buddy rides the Instagram handle TheGlobeMaster, he is currently deployed and we got a chance to FaceTime this week. Much needed, with a heart wrenching story.

Sadly We lost a SOF soldier this week and a Marine on 20 March 2016. An Air Force airmen passed on the 23rd.

This story is in regards to SFC Boniface, of 7th SFG. His brother in arms was boarding the C-17 to take him home, not thinking about his left leg that was no longer there he was holding his fallen brothers folded flag. The aircraft was covered in dust from landing on a dirt runway, and the prevailing winds. He looked for a place to sit his brothers flag. There was no where.IMG_0897.JPG

CPT. Jon Millmann noticed this from the cockpit, was above the entire situation and a giant dust wall does its best to keep the dust out of the cockpit. Jon climbed down from the cockpit and to the injured SOF soldier. “I can set the flag up in the cockpit. Its clean, it won’t fall, and it will be safe. The soldier kept it tight in his hands, Jon finally put his hands on his shoulder, and his he said it will be ok. The soldier relented. Jon took the flag, buckled it in to a seat until it was times for wheels up. When it was wheels up the Flag essentially the soul of the fallen soldier moved to the dash. IMG_0889.JPG

When they reached there destination, CPT Jon MillMann Grabbed the flag as the plane was still shutting down and returned it to the soldier. Said your brother sat on the dash and lead us all the way home. It was a moment when all involved fought back a tear or two.

The individual has a long road to recovery and adjusting to his new life as one legged an in an ass kicking contest. It is likely that the Air Force will offer him a Job as a PJ and he Army will offer him the para-olympic team. (inter service joke)

CPT Jon Millmann went above and beyond to help not one but two people. The Fallen, and the injured Green Beret. You do not have to be a Jet Pilot to change the world. The C-17 is the plane that keeps our generation moving. I flew home on a med mission on a C-17. Everyone says SOF Soldiers are hero’s. CPT Millmann is just as much a hero as anyone of us.


Thank you for going above and beyond CPT Jon Millmann.

Rest in Peace:

Sargent First Class Robert Boniface 7th Special Forces Group 19 March 2017 Afghanistan

Staff Sgt. Alexandria Mae Morrow 366 Fighter Wing 23 March 2017


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