No white light at the end of the tunnel, no anything. Maybe I’m not going there… Or maybe I am

War is a hell of a thing, especially in today’s environment. Peace be with the people of Cincinnati… I have been there more times then I can count and I am sixty percent certain I have been in that mall. (back when I was a teenager)

A group wearing insurgent clothing will toss off those clothes and wear the local national’s clothes and tell the patrol’s etc. that “OOO we love AMERICA! AMERICA Number 1! After the groups past, and searched around. The local nationals putter insurgent gear back and bam the  insurgent goes back to what there were doing…

I believe there is a part in the movie the “Hornets Nest”, “Yes I understand, this is your guest house” the Allied Commander States. “My concern is that you guest house has this on the wall” (a painting of the AQB (Al Qaeda/Taliban) This is what makes any current war on terror difficult.

Thus the invention of biometrics; the line units would use biometrics, and we would use that info to see who is connected to whom.

The night before a gentleman had been picked up on a SERIOUS HVT raid over the border. One of the gentlemen picked up was wounded not dead, needed to be questioned they wanted a medic to see if he needed anything while he was questioned. The only thing he said was “you American’s talk about your white light at the end of the tunnel. You guys patching me up I can tell you there is no light!” The guy from our TF questioning him “it is a strong indicator of where your soul is headed…” Thats stuck with me for a long time and I heard it again on something else not so familiar to me but it brought up that memory and thus this post. Biometrics added him to a missing piece of an entire group of S#@! heads! Our agency partner picked him up once it hit the system they transferred him and well…. If you know you know, if you don’t, you don’t need to know.

The more I think about it most of the AQB just want the country back the way it was, with out the terrorist camps. They fought Russia off for almost 20 years, their G code runs deep. Biometrics could ensure that when we pull out that if we do not take it with us they will use it for a country that does not keep paperwork of its people, they can politically pressure people, or worse. We essentially built their



That is the beautiful thing about being in America is we don’t have to worry about these issues! People say we have it rough but 1st world problems, THOSE are not really problems. We simply need to stop signing away our privacy and rights with waivers with out looking at them under the “guise” of oh this is standard paperwork. For who? A job application at the agency?

It sucks when you have a string of crappy things to you or you have to make a difficult decision that your mother living in FL is seriously ill you can jump in the car, hop a flight, etc. be thankful your not in a country that walks everywhere, and you have to walk to into Marjah (in the heart of (opium country) which is controlled by the Taliban because of the money it makes, which it no doubt sells to “Big Pharma”. The walk would take you which could take you a week or more oh and it could cost you your life.

Thats the thing about Terrorism, Domestic or Foreign, it simply wants to disrupt your daily lives and take loved ones, striking fear to for everyone. For some cause…. Lately it has been a boiling pot or lets call it a chicken soup of groups that the pledge allegiance to before they kill themselves. Some to groups that either are not tied to each other or, dislike each other. IS has not hit America, Idiots have.

Most experienced Vets especially our special operations guys have it pinned before most on scene police figure it out. These Guys are simply self radicalized idiots that have less brain capacity to think pass the end of there nose. pledging your self to the to a group and usually groups in the name of ALLAH by committing ignorant acts of violence that does not get you Jannah it gets you the opposite… You might at well be buried next to a pig or eat pork (probably having it in there stomach contents because they stopped at the hotdog vendor before they committed there act).

God help you if you run into a situation of selfish violence by curious boys. What happened to experimenting in sexual ways? Either way if you do get caught up in a situation where gunshots ring out. You instantly have to decide are you going to become

A) A victim or B) A survivor? Are you going to fight or at least give your self a chance by getting of the objective, The X (origin of attack), and get as far away as possible!Do Not stop running until you can no longer see where the attack happened (Miles/Kilometers away) The police will want to talk to you but they will understand that you were running for your life. If trying to get away, you by chance find your self in the path of the individual committing the act you need to

1) Attempt to hide, LOCK YOUR SELF in a bathroom or something that helps you securely hide. When you push into the bathroom you take your belt, or purse and cut of the handles. With a belt you secure it like you would around the opening mechanism. then wrap the rest, with a purse, you make a loop and tie it to the bottom of the mechanism, the harder they try the harder it will it will be get to in. the most important thing is kill the lights and have a an evasion plan. You can try some of the techniques that will be show on Fight or Flight a TV show coming out soon with Tu Lam a veteran of just about everything there is and Cung Lee a pro kick boxer multi time MMA fighter  Instagram: FIGHTORFLIGHTOFFICALTV       IMG_8153

2) As I have already discussed with my wife, it is me or the other side, I will not choose to sit there idle while others that do not have my knowledge are killed. Especially the likely situation the kiddos are with me.

ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. You better be sure what you think is on the other side is worth dying for. I know I am ready.

Of all the bodies I have felt with not a single one in wartime I saw peace in… There are a few I have seen pass and seem peaceful. As a Civilian, but before long that fades away.

” Id die for that’s easy for you to say, we have a list of people that we would take a bullet for, A bullet for them, a bullet for you, A bullet for everyone in this room, But I don’t see any bullets coming through….Metaphorically people are the GWOT but literally they don’t now what to do to save you, save me, save anything.”-21 pilots “Ride” No body is coming, It is up to us… +/- 30’s out.

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