If your the strongest member on your team your team sucks…

Again I suck at posting this week… I’ve been moving more toward content instead of putting out post after post…

There has been so much talk about the “combat mind set”, how did you get through it, how do you not have PTSD?, With your back ground why do you not start a shooting school? These are all awesome questions but its as real as this. I was a medic, Did I learn by osmosis really cool things from the people around me? your absolutely right I did. These days anyone with Tacticool pants and a 5.11 shirt can start a shooting course run some drill cards with you and call themselves a shooting instructor, its not regulated. So many of them are not more than a few questions deep and to be honest are flat out dangerous and can give you a false sense of confidence if you found your self in a situation as we called it in the military “two way rifle fire” were too begin (simple means someone is shooting at you and your kids and you need to shoot back)

You should do your homework before investing any money in training and Ill post some links to guys I trust that run training at the bottom.

However; The title of this post rings true in life, if you think your the strongest member of your team, you are A) Thinking to highly of your self B) Running with the wrong team, crew, etc. and while you might be the bread winner for the family it does not always make you the strongest member of the team. You may be strong in one area while the other may be strong in another, if you think you have it all figured out? Im sorry to tell you that will all change when someone takes what is yours. You have sickness strike your family and there is nothing you can do but hope you have the right doctors, did you prepare for it? When your kid runs after what he thought was his uncle but ended up being a complete stranger and you end up testing your cardio to go retrieve him because he can’t hear you? Are you in shape for that? Or does someone else need to do it for you? what about when your wifi craps out and you HAVE to do some online course work tomorrow, can you fix that? Life is not black in white, its not even 50 shades of gray…

I am working feverishly to level my self to my significant others next level of education before my duder knows there was a difference but having to take care of both of them makes it stupid hard. Through in some other ridiculous medical factors it just became harder. I wanted it done before he was old enough to know the difference. Now that is not a reality he will just see that Dad got a little banged up from the GWOT and got a later start than most, I got it done. Especially when my training pipeline was lengthy and extraordinarily painful. I hope he will understand that a soccer game missed her and there or whatever he is into will show him the value of hard work. The Value of INDOCTRINATION.

That is all life is truly about, thats all dating is about, thats all marriage is about, thats all having kids and raising them is about. Is indoctrination to the way that you do things, and the way that you live life. If you can get along together then boom that dating situation is off to a good start, on to marriage, and so on and so on. If your dating go get that one but don’t settle, I have settled and it SUCKED the first time. Its never cheaper to keep her. The kiddo’s are what is important. Loose the leg to save the life we would say as medics. Sadly I have not lost any limbs and some may beg to differ with me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.08.28 AM

The remora fish, is the fish that attaches its self to other larger fish and sometimes scuba divers (watch out my homies in combat dive school) the live off of and breed off of its “host” ingesting food, epidermal tissue, they usually attach them selves to sharks, manta ray, and Sea turtles for protection. DO NOT GET A REMORA.


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