Twice in one year a Tier one medic has Failed at his own trade…

Sorry for the Delay in Posts. Things got problematic and more real than I would of liked.

I can take care of ninety ninety percent of most medical issues that arise in my path. Jay Paisley (18D, 18Z) “Says my team mates are never HEAVY” The same goes for my family. The two things that I struggle in medicine are pediatric Dermatology Etiology, and Cancer Etiology.

It’s hard to say you “struggle with something” or you are not “completely competent” for a lot of medics, people, Commander’s the President. That’s why he has an entire cabinet to help him, agreed or disagree, these are some of the brightest minds that he keeps close to help him when he struggles.

As a Medic, we have flowcharts, protocols, pocket manuals, drug calculators, reference sheets and a litany of other tools at our disposal to help us when we struggle. While deployed it is up to you and you alone at times to make that life and death decision, that’s why we are trained at the highest levels on a specific field (Military Aged Men/Women).

As I have settled into retirement and boot strapped up to my duties as MAJ Dad, I have come to realize when I have to fall back on my medicine, for a hobby, and for emergency use, I have found where I was weak at, were we as a force are weak at, I then realize its hard to deal with these things some times.

I have faced this down twice this year in my duties as a medic and as a father. First was when duder busted his head open. Sure I could of sutured up, we all have our kits and our abilities, but it was very deep, and right in his eyebrow. I made the executive decision we were taking him to get sutured, my significant other even asked you sure you cant do it. (Cant blame her it was the first day of a glories vacation that had been planned for half the calendar)

Then there was this time… This time gets special attention while the second may later this one gets attention because for once I was stumped. While we all know medics, nurses, doctors, PA’s, essentially all of us in the medical field tend to be the last ones to seek medical attention, especially when it comes to EMERGENCY attention. I treat every patient the same be it a stranger or my family and I give them the same treatment.

Looking at this medically, pathologies were crossing etiologies in ways like id never seen. History, physical, examination, visually looking at it all and in my brain it felt like the first time I saw a topographic map with no explanation. What does all this craziness’ mean?!? To my dissatisfaction this craziness was my Duder and it was his health… His health turned out fine, and my craziness was dermatology… Dermatology the forgotten field of medicine, the most expensive field of medicine, to make up for the fact that a bump is a bump is a bump. The mole you had them look at will almost always get biopsied, and burn a hole in your health plan and your wit for a week or two until, the result were negative.

While you may of won this time dermatology, however, there is a reason you should still be afraid of things that go bump in the night.

In the deepest darkness, at some hour between midnight and dawn you believe you hear them coming. At first it is pulse, your ears prick up and a guest of wind obscures them. It was for a moment you return to illusion. You are safe, They could not possibly reach you here, so high, so far away, so hidden. They may want your life for what you have done for your cause, but it will not be, not here in your impregnable palace. Your heart rate slows again, you smile thinly at your own fears.

You nod, and then you suddenly freeze as it returns. It is unmistakable, Helicopters. Long before they are upon you, which will happen very swiftly now you see them in your minds eye. There black bodies gleam underneath, their engines thunder sharp blades dicing the clouds to ribbons. Behind there soulless eyes you can see there pilots , there hard set jaws like centurion helmets and there glowing tubes of there mechanical eyes. From the gills of those charging sharks, charcoal gun barrels, bristle. From there open You can barely breathe now. Nothing you do will deter them will matter. They will come, you can flee, they will find you. They own the night.

-CWO4 Michael J Durant

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