The Boxes You Check in Life, The Ones You Never Thought Possible…

In life your sitting there, the “bucket list” has become popular since the movie broke out. You get to some of them and sadly you die trying to get to some of them.

Ever been aboard a four ship of MH6’s landed on moving submarine and taken few of the  over officer quarters’s for a few days then the submarine surfaced and we re-boarded some choppers in two different groups and with two different birds and headed out for some recon locations. It was a prob one of the closest local recon’s I had ever been on… One of the closest ones I had been on that we had to move too because the birds would dump us and we would have to “acquire” a lowvis vehicle and then move closer. Some of the most intense thoughts bouncing through my heads…

We acquired the local national vehicle ditched our sterile uniforms uniforms, changing into street clothes. This was going to prove to be one of speed take down with out birds I’ve seen a ten day movement with out anyone knowing we were there… The kicker, WE HAD TO RENT A ROOM. I got the privilege of going along for two reasons, 1) Preventative medicine, 2) If things went sideways (well why is any medic is at any combat situation?) I was a junior medic, with the success of this op ridding putting me on the “Senior Medic” list in our house, add that to that mission.

Our mission was close, intense, to be honest a bit F@$%&! scary… I know there are a lot of TOUGH GUYS out there who would say that, your a PSSY, you can’t handle it, you should never be scared. I say anyone who says that is not scared in battle, anyone who is not who is not a little but puckered up in a TIC is lying to you. Or they are RAMBO, anyone is assigned a uniform, a firearm, and goes a battle and takes fire gets that pucker factor. (although this mission was not a battle, Initially, it was a recon, observe, report, landscape and send up.. If things when colossally sideways we overcame the odd’s to become successful and  you can put it in the win column.

When you have to put your self in a position to carry two aide bags, one for preventative medicine, one for combat medicine, making it to where you have quite a but if gear, Its hard to complain because the coms guys carry way more gear than we do. even though I had two bags to carry! If my coms guy reads this text me… We spend two days teasing each other. We spent no time procuring a car so that we could drive our gear the rest of the way, considering that we carry M-4’s and other weapons not AK’s, we work harder to hide our weapons and our faces so that we don’t give our self up before we get there.

One mission I will never forget, you think fire watch or CQ ends in T1 teams not so much… We spend a lot of time making sure no one knocks on the door, checking in and checking in and checking out with our call signs that our out in the cities. We also spend a lot of time taking pictures and communicating with our drones and ISR platforms. It’s difficult to remain low vis, while  your working and spending time communicating with the homeland half a world away.

Parenting and relationships require the same amount of effort, you spend the same amount of time working to get in the relationship. You spend the same amount of time being successful, despite the time invested throughout the entire situation, the same amount of time is spent working to prove who work harder, (you an agree or disagree with me but it could be right, couldn’t it?) Chair Force, Puddle Pirates, Seamen, Marines can’t do there job with out the Seamen, and the Army Carries the load of the entire Military. It is all the same. We compare our kids to each other’s kids, we are constantly comparing comparing things

Why? why not just look at what you have, be happy and kick ass at what you have? You can have 7 bucks in your pocket and move on to what ends up owning what you have and taking care of of what you need to do! Life is a battle, you may not realize it but it is a battle of give and take, sometimes you give the right way and sometimes you give in the absolute colossal wrong way. without sounding cliche you do it with out fail and you do it with out concern for what  may happen. Life is about risks, honor those risks and take them. Otherwise you might as well not even get up in the morning…

Boxes Checked in Life, that you never even knew were there…. Just don’t forget your hammock.


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