Hours and hours of training for something you never thought possible…

In the military I spent hours and hours and hours training, being ridiculed from F#$@! up thankfully it was on CARL! The dummy, and running it again. People thing being Tier fun is all about being cool guys with your hands in your pockets and having relaxed grooming standards. It is nothing but the contrary.

You spend days into nights, after days into nights. Possibly Nights into days nights into days, running through lanes, assaulting targets time after time that you think that you know it. You have no IDEA! Then in come the birds, and now your running these lanes from the roof, there are hostages, there are casualties, they change all the scenarios as soon as the birds show up. Once you think you have that down, then its Nod time (for the sake of this article we will use NVG as in Night Vision Goggles) You run it with Flash Bangs, the AH6’s show up with there fake rockets that are full of phosphorus and it blows up your orientation.

Then its time to do it with live rounds. No simunition, that one round you slipped and it skipped marked your buddies boot, thats now an actual shrapnel or bullet wound. It is not all about being a cool guys wearing relaxed grooming, and non-uniformed base entry on order. I see all these guys on Instagram thinking that thats what they want to do. It takes way more than hope and a little bit work to even step foot inside the team room. Spend one month going through shoot houses for 16 hours and get a small feel for it, IT SUCKS!

However; needed, we have been through things I never thought imaginable. Ive watched zodiac’s some how come out of HH-60g MH6’s come rolling out of tractor trailers and sides fall off a Penske truck and an AH6 fly off right in the middle of the City! Tier Fun Teams have trained with in the middle of cities, with and without Swat Teams as assistance. It helped us in response for emerging disasters in this world but also emerging situations all over the world. Clearing a city, Sky Scraper floor by Floor is no easy feat and as the medic was something I always expected casualties. All the holes people can hide in, all the sides of the building. Just close your eyes imagine that…. It was something of legends to do, and I was proud to be a small part of it.

You do all this practice, and the worst part, you still find things that blew you away when they actually happen. You have practiced for your primary, secondary and tertiary plans, yet you still find issues when the S*&! hits the fan. Thats how the saying goes, the worlds best plan is just that, until you start taking rounds, and god forbid a casualty.

This is applicable in life; Cross fitters, Marathon life, Triathlon life, The fit life. You can train and work to avoid injury, stretch, work all of your recovery methods to try to avoid it and it still happen. You can make it apply to just about anything in life.

Especially In Parenting It happens to us daily, for the mom’s your not going to want to admit it all the time but post partum depression, even if you have all the help you want and everything you want in life it can still get you, I think the statistic. The rest of us just look at our Diaper bags to see what we are preparing for… To we take our kids out prepared for the apocalypse? or do we take our kids out ready to make it through one wet diaper and a spare change of clothes? Im a mix of both. I do not have a stitch of playing stuff with me, I am a medic if I can make anything medical I can make anything into a toy. You should have AR500 backpack armor into all of your bags… the world is changing, for the worse. Life is what you make of it, you can make it into a lemon, or you can make it sunshine and rainbows…

If you are interested in some of the backpack armor, I spoke about here are some of the links. you can turn any bag into something that will help you get off the X while you save your life.

https://www.dfndrarmor.com/product/backpack-armor-level-iiia-handgun-protection/   http://www.ar500armor.com/ar500-armor-body-armor/backpack-armor/ar500-armor-backpack-plate.html (there are two versions the first is $65 and hard also 8lbs the second is $199 There is a $109 option Not sure how it differs from the other.                    http://www.bulletblocker.com/bulletproof-backpack-panel-basic-small.html $100 bucks These are all NIJ IIIa level (federally regulated) levels. You should also do some of your own research.

Hours and hours into something you never thought possible.

A Special Operations Medic in the wild, changing a diaper, while simultaneously feeding a baby with nothing more than what appears to be a leather bag. You find it, you fix it! 

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