A Career Earned, a Career Worked for, a Career of Anonymity.

When you spend a life in a TF that changes names as often as most change silkies you become skittish of EVERYTHING. Especially when your life is signed away under Stacks and Stacks of NDA’s, however; when you find out that your group became declassified from the local news agency it makes it hard for you to stomach. A life committed to the country through the TF has suddenly been declassified by POTUS and the Agency you find your self questioning EVERYTHING. When I find my self having children into the system it makes it hurt even more.

Something else I question is from one of my writings. My children have been born indebted to to credit, the system its self has bred adversity, it is sicking. People act so hard when they really just aren’t, but they post pictures on there IG or FB making it look that way. Psychological children, grown ups with issues, cancer tissues, abandonment misuse. Subliminal marketing screaming “I HAVE THE CURE, I HAVE THE REMEDY, I am the savior, I’m not the enemy but give me the money give me, give me the money, give me money!” Everyone is in Debt but this is a FREE Country.

Believe me I know how much better we have it than many others in the world. When you have to send an  M72LAW rocket into a group of children because they are using them as human shields it makes you miss America that day. I know so many others that have done so many “horrifying” things. Something shitty happened a few weeks later when I made it home. Is it Karma? Is it the ebs and flows of life? Who knows… Im ready, to think what difference does it make.

I worry about the littlest future the most, they smile throughout the worlds worst. If they knew what was coming in the future they would be subjected to, to get a job to pay for it.

I thought my system was broken, I hope there system is moving toward the better…

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