Masters of war… Built to Destroy

As I watched videos stream, across my youtube channel for my not even realizing that they were even on autoplay came running across my screen a group of what I’m guessing are “military historians” as the US did not crack the top 5 in any of our “groups”. Seal’s made the highest at 5, Green Berets made it at 7, 75th made it at 10. I wanted to vomit in my cup of coffee because it was the second video that screwed up there rankings.

I realized that in my time in I became a master of war, I sure did not feel like the crappiest team in the planet and the world did not treat us as such. Maybe its because we would trounce them until they waved there white flag. The only people I had much respect for were SAS and Israel Sayeret Haruv, which I did some training with the Israelis’ and worked with the SAS down range. Those Kats are no joke people routinely die during there training.  The various SAS groups are about as real as they come. We were, built to destroy targets, I always defended the flag with  furious vengeance. I never gave up, I never gave in but I heard this poem once that actually spawned this post.

I often wonder how I explain to my kids, my back ground is not easy. Ive toyed with ideas that there daddy killed people but its ok because he was trying to kill me then spending hours trying to untangle the mess that I just created. Part of me hope they find passion in sports or martial arts and I can relate that it was me or them, except the opponent cheated and the losers did not leave the field of play.

I look at it all now and just wonder how did we get this way? Careful in our wording between engaging and advising. Two similar words to parents mean the exact same thing change the way we pursue our enemy. Afghanistan is still a combat roll, so we can pursue our enemy until the end. The new against fight IS we “advise & and assist” hence we are engaged we are simply allowed to defend our selves and not pursue the enemy. There is something to be said about turning the other cheek and all the other catch phrases. When turning the other cheek could get you killed the game is different.

I often silently wonder with today’s ever changing world what will I have to train my children to face… Will I have to train them to get off the X in the all to often “active shooter” or cary backpack armor that slides in your back pack and makes it bullet proof up to .308 brass tipped. The all important rendering aide.

Things that keep a Veteran up at night, among other things…


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