When Life Gets Tough, You Get Tougher

I went my entire career with more oak leaf clusters on my wedding on my wedding ring then my chest. It makes for ill glorious story, However; I found that I was felt lucky. I broke A LOT of things,  and many people think I’m the unluckiest person on the planet. I think the simple fact I am writing these blogs makes me fortuitous.

There are so many cliche remarks about being tough as nails. Its easy harden the F*&@! up. JUST BE TOUGH! Essentially I am going through life again, having the fortunate opportunity of raising the littlest ones. They love to read and have read books to them, I have enjoyed relearning the lessons I wished I had remembered them when from when I was small.  Teaching such critical skills again at an age when your maturing through your teens, would been brilliant to reteach. Harden the F&#! up may not be the best way to go about such things these days. Although its a careful line you walk, because you do not want to create a bunch of “Snowflakes” You do want to create better people.

I enjoy helping the future of our Military with simple adding a few nuggets of logic here, and a few nuggets of ideation there.

I find this relation to my former medical profession. When you work with the toughest dude in the world, you find your self going over interpositions, your procedure your guidelines, and when thing go south you work think harder and harder about last ditch efforts to save your comrades so that you keep the toughest of the tough alive and return to the fight as soon as possible. It is ironic how life runs circle. If you feel that you have experienced everything there experience there life has to throw at you you will begin to accidentally kill your comrades by excessive conceit, not because you want to, not because you mean to, because you became overly entitled.

I have seen the best 18 Deltas with singly every medical course the Military, USASOC, JSOC, and Civilian world offer. On the other side of the coin I have seen SOCM’s stay out of the circle for the simple reason they were eager to learn more.Hungry for every class they took and they do not hold the title always questioning did I do enough. If I had it to do over again, I would send the children books with simple life lessons to these people.

Im starting to bet the same thing does happen with the worlds children? Starting Quarterback becoming imperiousness due to his title despite his skill? Or is he develop a name for him self because of his excessive good nature.

We will see…

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