Crossing the lines between Love and War

Crossing the line between love and war is as easy as surfacing in the water while the waves crash over your head.

Keeping the anonymity of my beautiful family I will not use names, (I haven’t with my children, however; damaging my wife’ career, damages our livelihood)

My first wife I do still care about, a little bit.  I care about her daughter a lot. Therefore  when we do cross paths (it tears my heart out) going from PaPa Bear, to hey dude. I spilled the entire story to her, I laughed my ass off one night when she had a bad dream I had been stuck working night shift, and she comes out with a pistol grip pump action shotgun holding it by the barrel and my KA-Bar that ISOF gave me and was read to do battle. It is a good thing she only ran into me on the cause she would of been in trouble. I laughed so hard I scared her.

I tried started to tell the story to tell my current cohabitant, then just faded to a halt (my brother running his mouth on things he knows nothing about did not help, he should of just told her I was not even in the military). Have any of you been in that situation? It’s not worth it. A person with zero military knowledge has been shown two DD2-14’s I  was slated for an 91W01 (SOCMED) then D/C and Put in another slot. Maybe you haven’t… Im probably the only one. It could be an IS thing, either way tough story to explain.

My cohabitant went to see Range 15 with me and I got to explain to her some of the jokes, it was that peak inside the team room, I hyped it up I said your not going to like it etc. When we walked our I did not ask how it was, she says why did it not get rated?

“ok maybe one or two scenes that went to far” she says. HA!

She urns for more but I’m afraid it will end up like my first marriage.

Showing my age 91BW1 which changed to 91WW01 I believe and so on. I never got the coveted 18 Delta. As my last stated I should not of been hung up on titles, however; I went through there Dental school, there veterinary school, and tons of extra-courses. Even ending back at FTSAMH to take some classes offered to PA surgical courses and the newest one before I left austere medicine. I loved knowledge, I had a thirst for it.

My militaria has moved from the house, to the garage, to now on the ground… In defense of the situation it was going to be an expansion, since its not expanded can it go back up? I often wonder if there are any stay at home veterans? Or if there are Stay at home Veteran Dad’s. If any of y’all read this sound off. Otherwise I’ll go back to war stories and broken beer bottles from my past.

I have gotten some feedback on my IG and let me repeat I was not an operator. I was a SOCMED in  unit of skill level like none other. I worked incredibly hard to get to where I was, and no one will take that away from me. I simply supported the operators and helped provided medical aid, traumatic, and preventive care to the teams. I did receive an ARCOM with a V (that read like the medal of honor) that I did not understand and a Bronze star that should of gotten a V device (USASOC, our lives and jobs are expected to be ridiculously hard V was not attached surprise) Life in this world is as simple as being in the ocean failure is sinking below the water line and passing is keeping your head above.

I have one option, do not sink.

Positives Vibrations- Thirty seconds out…



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