Am I a Spent Shell Casing

I was anxious to get out and to in a real relationship. I spent a month at what I essentially felt was home while completing terminal leave. I was crashing with a buddy right of MirAmar beach, FL. I went through relationships after relationships. Essentially they were rounds through my HK416, gear through my medical aide bag, junk through my kit or simply DA forms for more equipment. I then eventually became short on cash confused on what I want then I DITY’ed my three bags home.

I completead my relationship pillaging this time with a job one that I thought  my weakest medical skill to as a medic. Cardiac Catheterzation! I loved it! I could not imagine a better job. We brought a heart attack up, started femoral lines and checked the blood flow, less than nintey minutes later we would shoot a picture and blood flow was restored and as my son (Dude) “all better”. Sadly the compliance officer caught wind of my gig as a scrub tech Special Operations Medic extraordinar starting and placing femoral sheaths while waiting for the doc to scrub in and the position went by the wayside. It was a crushing blow to me. I then had a MD girlfriend that I would hang out in her call room with her while she took calls in her rotation it was a strained relationship from the beginning but it taught me something, I’m trying TOO hard in my quest for a girlfriend.

It’s time to go back to ole faithful. During my time in I had a friend who was a girl, I helped her through her pregnancy and you could almost call us BF/GF she also helped me on deployments with care packages etc. Her daughter called me Papa Bear. We made it “official” and things were good, until she spent all my money.

I essentially was “Mighty Mouse” (step daughter) papa bear. (I loved that little girl) I taught her how to defend her self, at 5 she was a blue belt in a kids BJJ program, she could stand on exercise balls, she could operate a firearm safety. Knife fight, and wakeboard at  She was  bad ACE, she took her first buck at 4 and 3/4’s even helped me clean it. And fight off a hog that want her Buck. It would not surprise me if she became the first female in CAG’s full time CST, or CIA DOD group.

One Day I asked how many payments had she made on her brand new? She said none I never intended too. I took my prized paid off Jeep and her upside down car just to buy us something with out a repossession on our credit. At that moment I realized it was over if I would simply take more days off she would get a payday loan, just so I I would work harder so she did not have to pay debt forever, and buy her out of it.

At this point I knew my marriage was OVER, I had no I idea it would blow up like a weapons cache with a few 500lb bombs in it. That it did I sat down with a 750 of belvedere, some cranberry juice and cleaned…  Oh well. lets get the vacuum and mop bucket out.

Time for another relationship.

Honestly hated Running in the Military, I started running Marathons when I got out. Funny how that happens.

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