Origins of a Tier 1 Dad

The Origins of a Tier 1 Dad…

Every been on a train wondering where am I going, what time am I getting there and I getting there alive? Sometimes I got that feeling, I often got that feeling when it came to my life in USASOC. I refused to have a “Relationship” while in service. I watched so many of guys in my TF have wedding rings with Oak Leaf Clusters. I wondered if they were going to make an award for it? (Why not the rest of our the individuals in the DOD read more like a resume instead of an awards and commendations) While I never had a “relationship” during my time in. Did not mean I did not want it.

I spent my 20’s etc. in the “Cool Kids Club” while being stationed at Ft. Bragg, I was TDY more than I was home. When you spend extended periods of time at Eglin AFB and Va Beach. You meet lots of girls when every place is named “Beach” sometimes you just want to tell her to come back, we were lucky and did not report to work until 1000hrs most days somedays later it would be later, our MAJ would was pretty cool. It was easy at Fort Brag to not get attached but other places not so much.  There are a lot of Officers in Virginia, that does not really matter to most in the Army especially in USASOC but at VA-Beach when they are Navy they tend to get up tight and bent out of shape. I can’t count the times I went to weddings with women I met through my “travels” I tried to be happy for my buddies after a drink or to I was, wondering why why in the world anyone would spend 30k on wedding. Then we catch a “trip” and the reality of it all would sink in. How long would this last. You can only say “no honey nothing happened today” when she would realize you were lying to her, she would realize you were married to the JOB more than she would ever realize. You just can’t say NO either. Garrison life sucks…

I hit a Cross Roads, I realized that my Re-Enlistment was up, I was either going to become a Green Eyed Alien that fell out of the sky until USASOC was done with me, or I could get out. Most guys of my MOS had not Transitioned well. I had to another trip to think about re-enlisting. I could of been a great Instagram picture re-enlisting while downrange, taken the 90k bonus I was offered; Sadly strings were attached, I was HALO Jumping, decorated veteran, well trained medic. I had spent all of my time in a TF that was not running out of things to do, but there were other units that were capable of doing the same thing and the talks of our unit being disbanded did not help.

On our “trip” we were doing what we do, when the worst of the worst happens, a local national “discovers us”, kill him right? NO, he was actually sick and we treat local nationals, it would also blow our cover. I was treating this guy who was clearly suspicious of our gear why we were in this room etc although grateful for the care. The assault force shows up we let him go and we are ready to go, unfortunately, we end up fighting our way out. I spent the rest of the way riding home looking at my buddy who had an American Flag Draped Over his body. Every Individual be it Delta, Cag, ST6, or STS, RRC, I wondered did I give them my very best, could I of done more? The answers still allude me today.

I said F@$! it, Im getting out, and having kids. It has to be easier than this! Thus the Origin of the Tier 1 Dad

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