PTSD, Musch Like Obesity, does not define you…

Because of the nature of he call I had to to have a Tele-psych conference with a doctor, he decided that I suffered from PTSD because the ARMY DEEMED me as a PTSD patient as i only exhibited. One of the three pillars of the entire conversation, bad dreams, she believed I suffered from Hyper Vigilance because I care for an IFAK. I prepare for war but pray for peace, whilst I still match the pillars of PTSD an find my self stuck in electronic purgatory things that that simply aren’t true. I was Pericardial Thumped. Despite it because being contraindicated in patients with pacemakers. The damage to the heart, sternum and because I’ve lost so much weight my pocket is so tight, The PA who hand wrote one a progress note failed to put my table on it. Those who know EMR sometimes it stays in cHarting purgatory for every. 

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Bowe Bergdhal, The Problems, The Politics….

would of called him SGT Berghdal yesterday but now he is dishonorably discharged Bowe Berghdal. Bowe was dishonorably discharged yesterday after COL. Nance, Ruled that he be stripped to an E-1 and dishonorably discharged, he was also fined one thousand dollars for the next ten months

Politics have no place in the court room. It seems as if COL. Nance mind was made up when he made the statement “none of us have any idea of what it is like to be a POW for 4 or 5 years and locked in a steel cage.

He will sell his story and sadly in this world we live in, someone will buy it, twist it. I wish there was a way the judge could have blocked him from doing so, but Sadly there is no way the military can control what he does as a Civilian.

He was removed from United States Coast Guard Boot Camp (arguably the easier of the three branches) due to a “Psychotic break down in week 3. In-Fact his discharge health details what happened, While Psychiatric details are generally not sealed. In a Military state a high ranking official like a MEPS MD could of seen then. 

If it was no big deal? Why take your Ballistic gear?
We Also traded 4 high value Terrorist (Convicted) as long as they promise not to participate in Terrorism…. Yea Ok Buddy Ill do that, (Oh I had my fingers crossed)

I do know that the Officers of the military are putting politics in front of leading troops. If you are an Officer and you are reading this, I am glad, GET OF OF THE ARMY NOW!!! Resign your Commission

Guilty till proven innocent? or is it Innocent till proven Guilty?

Someone drops a flash drive in a bank parking lot. BOOOM STICK lets dial up the Donald Your fired. What happened to due process? What happened to honest mistakes? I know someone who carries a CASE of WATER into WORK. Thats a hefty bag every month or so, she could in theory take an entire computer out with her. Get an IT geek to unlock it with their work credentials and now there son has a fresh to death new lap to and second screen. 
VP Pence Walked out of the Colts Vs Forty Niners Game because, twenty four of the niners players kneeled durning the national anthem. People are saying oh this is a huge publicity stunt, this cost tax payers millions, lets pump the brakes on that. Lets Presume innocence. 1) VP Pence and Mrs. Pence were invited by the owners of the Colts, his home state. So he was personal Guests to the Owner and they did not kick anyone out of there boxes or adjacent boxes. 2) Very few people even knew he was there for the game until he walked out, keeping the secret service detail to a minimum. It is often when you go in silence you go at a minimum. 3) He has held the same stance as POTUS Trump On players kneeling, sitting, staying in the locker room, etc. although. the beautiful document called the Constitution and its Amendments, along with its Bill of Rights. Grants us the Right to Freedom of speech and Freedom of expression, and the right to do this with the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty by a jury of our peers or some other means within the court system. They expressed theres by kneeling and he VP Pence by expressing his by leaving A conversation for another day. 

Whether you like it or not, Officer Darren Wilson was cleared of the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri, the State looked into it, the Department of Justice tried to find something that would stick. The entire time news media plastered his face all over TV’s across America people from Alegash Maine to San Diego California knew his face and that he shot an unarmed black man. As the Great Sheriff Clark Of Wisconsin said “how does Darren Wilson begin to get his life back after it was destroyed by America? Is he going to get with the feds? no they came in destroyed the man and now they have left” Innocent until Proven Guilty.

Dakota, Dakota, Dakota….

You are the example of the American Infantryman. So why? why are you taking to instagram to waste your time with DAN. 

Its been hard to call out an Medal of Honor Awardee, however; the question I keep asking my self is why? You started it? and while I don’t question your motives. His change his story a lot of times! He then released all the video saying he was unaware he was being filmed. I doubt that DAN! You started the filming by live streaming it all and the videos were filmed in a format as if they were like watching an episode of cops. 

I have always believed there are three sides of every story, your side, my side and the TRUTH. We have Dakota’s side, who simple called out Dan for people who should not idolize stripper tossing cocaine snorting, and apparently a Reserve Police Officer

We have Dan’s side, who is right in a sense that if he had not ran, there would of been a lot more deceased, even more wounded. However; I had a room mate from Medic school who went on to become a nurse who was there. He was at the event and he and his friends believe the started one of the first casualty collection points. (weather thats true or not he admits he does not know)

Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan Bilzerian

I probably Spelled his name wrong but to be honest I don’t car, to me this guy is like a hemorrhoid.  That just won’t go away, He keeps coming back.

Let me catch you up on his latest Antics. Dakota Meyer, Medal Of Honor Winner Dakota Meyer, put him on blast as he lived streamed the entire event of the Las Vegas Shooting. Despite CCSO saying on PA systems, saying it through tweets, etc. he initially was doing what we would all do. Get off the X, run far and fast, but he HAD to be DAN and go into details about it and explain it all, how here mellon was split in two and her eye was hanging out, and how he was running to get a gun out of his truck.

Then another shot came up where he had taken a lady to the hospital and was returning to the fight! Good on you dan! How dare anyone question your motives; except you couldn’t of gotten to the level one Trauma center and back via your house (to get pants) and your credentials (to show officers that your “A Sworn Reserve Officer” whoever gave him a badge may need to be taken to the gallows) Given the official time line of events the shooting had stopped.

Lets look at the tape DAN, since you have so much of it. Your seen trying to get a rifle out of a Squad Car, your also seen asking an officer for a gun “gimme your gun gimme your gun” the officer asks for “Creds” short for credentials, and it happens to be that he flashes he wallet.